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The List Describe A Time In Your Life When You Felt Judge By Someone And It Hurt.

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One year in high school some of the boys thought it would by funny to make a list of all the girls. They wanted to rate and make a comment about them next to get their hands on the list. They wanted to see how they rated and what they said about them. It seem like we couldn't get the list quick enough. I never thought anything was wrong with me until I heard of the list they were making. I always thought there was nothing wrong with me and that's what everyone else thought of me too. Before I saw this so called rating list I felt good about my self. I knew I was short but that was ok because I like that about my self. I thought of as a plus because no matter what boy I like I wouldn't have to worry about them being shorter than me. When I read the list I saw that they put "oil spill" next to my name. When I saw it I was shocked I never thought of myself as being that dark. There were plenty of other people darker than me walking around. "Why did they pick me to single out?" That's what I kept thinking to myself. After I looked the list over I just laugh it of and called the boys stupid. I didn't want to show anyone I was hurt and offended by the comment by my name. Deep down I knew it hurt me every time I looked in the mirror I saw a different person than the one I had seen so many times before. Once the girls saw the rating list, they were mad about what was said about them....

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