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The Little Blue Rabbit Essay

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Once upon a time, there was a rich king who had three sons that he loved with all his heart. The king, however, was a very strict parent and required that his demands be followed precisely by his sons. One day the three princes left their grand palace and went off to the town without their father's permission. Unable to hide their little trip from the king, the princes had to face their father’s punishment.
“You have been irresponsible and gone behind my back,” growled the king. “As punishment, you fools will take the form of miniscule young rabbits for the next year, and only retake your normal human form when you sleep!”
With a ramble of magical words and a tap of his staff on the ...view middle of the document...

As they approached the outskirts of their palace, a gorgeous, melodic sound struck their tall and pointy ears.
"Oh my,” exclaimed the youngest brother. “We must go and locate the source of that beautiful singing, for it is most definitely the most beautiful that I have ever heard!”
His brothers refused, even though the blue rabbit begged and begged.
“If we go now there is no way that we will make it home in time for dinner,” the older brothers responded as they shook their small heads. “Our father is a mad mad, and there is no telling what he might do to us if we don’t get back soon!”
The blue rabbit gave up on trying to convince his older brothers, and decided to go off on his own, for he had to set eyes upon the being that was creating that glorious noise. Following the bountiful noise, the small bunny came upon a grand palace, nearly the size of his own, with a strikingly similar protective wall. “The singer must be behind this wall,” the eager rabbit thought to himself. The blue rabbit hopped around the perimeter of the wall, searching desperately for a way in. Finally, he spotted a small hole caused by some erosion to the soft soil beneath the wall. He scampered over to the hole, checked his surroundings for anyone who might see him for reassurance, and slipped beneath the wall and into the palace garden.There he saw that the singer was a beautiful princess, with sun-gold hair and deep blue eyes like the sea. She was undoubtedly the most beautiful princess that he had ever seen. The little rabbit fell in love with her at first sight, and forgetting that he was just a small blue rabbit, he drew closer and closer to her. The princess, seeing the peculiar little creature, swooped him up into her small arms in one fluid motion. Excited to show her parents the peculiar creature, she hurried inside the palace.
“Mother! Father,” she shrieked in delight. “Look at this beautiful little rabbit that I rescued from our garden,” raising the blue creature into the sky. “I shall keep him as my pet and he will be my best friend,” she exclaimed as she rushed off to her bedroom before her parents could shoot down her proposition.
Meanwhile, the blue rabbit’s older brothers had made it back home by only a hair of time, only to receive news from their maid that the king would not be home for another hour or so, as he had made a detour coming through town to make a quick stop at his mother-in-law’s house.
“That lucky fool,” sneared the eldest brother as he began to regret his decision to leave his youngest brother. “I’ll bet he is just about in heaven right now basking in the sunset...

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