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The Little Rock Nine movement was created by a group of African American who attend Little Rock Central High School. Those who was among those African American was treated wrong and harshly when they were the only blacks attend the schools. When it was their 1st day to report to the racism school they were hollered at, curse at, and also was called the worst name that white could call blacks was Nigger. Recently they had a matter with the Little Rock Crisis where as the governor of Arkansas, Orval Faubus was standing right in front of the doors and also was the one that made sure the African American didn’t even step foot inside of their only whites school, But that soon made a case to a brown vs. Board of Education located in Topeka, Kansas on May 17, 1954.
The U.S. Supreme Court Made sure that they cancel all of the hatred toward African American attend an only white school, so the law made sure that schools all the way around the nation could accept not only whites but also African American to . All the way around Kansas many people didn’t agree with the law that was passed but they abide by that rule. The people who was against the only whites school tried to make a plan that would benefits our African American on May 24, 1955, that stated that they wanted to make sure that African American could also graduate to. The program that was called NAACP which meant National Association for the Advancement of Colored People had enrolled nine students in a high school also located in Little Rock, Arkansas.
All of the nine students had made sure they made good grades and also good attendance without missing a day of school. The school was so full of hatred that the law was passed that let African American attend the same school, also get the same rights and education as a white do. Many started protest to make sure to stand in the way of the blacks and make sure they do whatever to make sure that wouldn’t wont to return back, But also as this was taken place troops was called in to make sure that no one harm that African American and at that none...

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