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In the novel Balzac and the Little Chine Seamstress the two main characters, Luo and the narrator uses books to educate an uncultured Little Seamstress. Later on in the story, their plan “backfires” because the Little Seamstress discovers the woman’s beauty is a gift beyond price. At first, although it felt like it had a negative impact on the characters of the book; it ultimately led to a positive impact on their lives.
One of the most important people the book impacted was Ma. In the beginning of the book, Ma was depicted as a boy who was forced to work with coal mines and rice crops. For him, nothing existed beyond the world he was then living, which wasn’t a live at all. Ma and Luo were basically guinea pigs used my Mao to accomplish his own personal goal. (Pg 7)“We were not the first to be used as guinea pigs in this grand human experiment, nor would we be the last.”Towards the end of the story however, Ma didn’t have this attitude. When Ma started reading the books, he experienced new emotions and understandings about the outside world that he world never been able to gain otherwise. Ultimately, he learns how to make decisions of his own as an independent individual When Ma read a book by Jean-Christophe, he states “without him I would never have understood the splendor of taking free and independent actions as an individual”. (Pg 110)Although Ma and Luo were exposed to things such as sex, woman and love, those are all part of life and its better to be aware of them then not at all. Overall, the books strongly impacted Ma’s live.
Another important character the books impacted positively was the little seamstress. In the beginning of the book, she was described as uneducated and uncultured. Overall, she does not seam to have any personal desires of her own and like Ma, had no basic purpose in life. Towards the end however she got impregnated by Luo and then gets an abortion. This over all proves to be a good thing. Not only gains experience, but she also gains a basic idea that she herself is important and she...

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