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A person who lives and works in space is an astronaut. Astronauts must be willing to go through strenuous training and studying in order to with hold the job. It is a job like no other. “There are no other jobs in the entire world that are going to let you look down on your planet”, says astronaut Marsha Ivins (Dyson 14). Because most people have never been in space, they can only use pictures and videos to describe it. Astronauts, though they may be looking at the same thing, have a completely different view. They are able to look down on their own planet, moon, and stars. That is amazing. The lives of astronauts are adventurous yet include a great deal of hard work because they need to ...view middle of the document...

To start, all applications are thoroughly looked at. Then, some applicants could be asked for more information about themselves, and their references could be reached out to (NASA 2). After that, applicants are narrowed down to a number that are interviewed and could possibly need to take a flight physical. Before the final selection is made, the remaining applicants go through more interviews and have a final medical evaluation (NASA 2). The final selection is made after thorough background check. The selected candidates are sent to training which takes place at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas (NASA 2). Candidates must remember that selection as candidates does not guarantee them a spot as an astronaut. They must successfully complete training before becoming an astronaut (NASA 2).
When the candidates are sent to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, they are called ascans. Ascans must successfully complete training before becoming an astronaut (NASA 2). The ascans train for forty-five hours a week, and they train in many different ways (Dyson 10). Training in the sea and in plummeting jets gives a feeling of weightlessness, even if it is only for a short period of time (Dyson 10). As a part of the training, they are also taught what kinds of bugs are safe to be eaten in the event of a crash to wilderness land. Though they do much active training, they actually spend most of their time in classes. The Russian language is included in this training. Once the ascans graduate from their basic training, they are official astronauts (Dyson 10). After graduating, they are assigned to a mission. Before they start training for the specific mission, they must do different jobs on land. This includes testing out space suits, getting shuttles ready for takeoff, and Mission Control (Dyson 10).
Training for a mission is very important because every mission is completely different. The minimum training for this is just six months, but it could also last up to two years (Dyson 13). Included in this training is the use of shuttle simulators. The simulators give the feeling of being in an actual space shuttle with switches, computers, and outside views. Training in the space simulator can take between three and eight hours (Dyson 13). The length depends upon the mission being pursued. Pilots also need training for each mission because new hardware and software is frequently added onto space shuttles and to the International Space Station (Dyson 13).
Another type of training is cross training. Cross training is for emergency or special situations that could be come across while in space (Dyson 13). This would include medical related issues. This type of training is very important because not even experienced astronauts can predict what will happen in space. Because there is limited room in space shuttles and in the International Space Station, doctors are not available. For example, astronauts could have to learn how to give a medical shot...

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