The Lives Of Others Essay

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The Lives of Others
The film The Lives of Others directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck takes place in East Berlin in 1984 where the population of the German Democratic Republic is kept under strict control by the Stasi, the German secret police. Gerd Wiesler, a cold hearted member of the Stasi, is given the position to collect evidence against a playwright named Georg Dreyman without his consent or knowledge. Many of the characters do not change their morals except for Gerd Wiesler, who at the beginning of the film is portrayed as a strict, emotionless man who takes his job very seriously. However, through his involvement with operation Lazlo, his character transforms ...view middle of the document...

Wiesler feels Dreyman’s pain and when he hears this quote it really touches him and he beings to cry. In this moment it is evident that Wiesler is starting to feel concern for others and he comes to the realization that he does not want to be portrayed as a cruel strict Stasi.
Child in the Elevator
When Wiesler enters the elevator, a young boy joins him and asks if he is really a Stasi, Wiesler replies asking if the boy knew who the Stasi were and the boy’s response was, “They're bad men who put people in prison, says my dad.” (Chapter 12)
Wiesler’s immediate response was to ask the boy his father’s name but he stopped himself from doing so.
Instead of remaining loyal to his job as a Stasi and demanding further questions as he normally would do in a situation like this, he hesistates and moves on at this crucial turning point in his life.
This was one of the very first signs of Wiesler’s transformation into a more caring individual as he slowly realizes that there is more to life than the Stasi.
Body Paragraph 2: Understanding
Topic Sentence: Wiesler is generally very diligent and accurate in reporting what is going on in his surveillance reports but as his values and morals change he starts to understand the difference between right and wrong and is able to appreciate others.
Editing the Reports to protect Georg Dreyman

Dreyman and his friends, who are assisting with his article that will be published in, Der Spiegel in West Germany, came up with a plan to test if the apartment is bugged.
(Chapter 15 01.13.46) Wiesler immediately calls the border control because he hears Dreyman’s plan to sneak across to West Germany and publish his article there anonymously though instead of reporting their plan, the car and their intended route to border police and taking action, he hangs up the phone without saying a word.
Wiesler has a change of heart and decides against his original instinct to turn Dreyman in.
In the report he is to hand in later he writes “no further noteworthy incidents” (Chapter 15 01.13.58) when in fact there were a lot of important events he should have recorded.
Lying to Grubitz
Wiesler came to Grubitz giving off the impression that he was going to share his knowledge about Dreyman’s plan to publish an article about suicide in East Germany.
Grubitz questions him and asks if anything suspicious is going on with Dreyman but he lies and says they’re writing a play together when in reality he knows the truth about what they’re doing
Wiesler asks for only himself to be on duty for operation Lazlo and for more flexibility because he doesn’t believe any suspicious acts are going on in the apartment but might be outside.
Grubitz allows him to continue the operation on his own and to file a report stating that there are “lack of suspicious acts” (Chapter 17 01.24.36)

Good Man
At a café after work Wiesler approaches Christa-Maria. He tells her how much he admires her work and tries to get her to understand that she...

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