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The Lives Of Steve Jobs And Mark Zuckerberg

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The lives of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have influenced American society immensely through their ways of innovation, generosity, and creativeness towards all the tasks they have embarked on. Many people look over Mark Zuckerberg and all he has done, but everybody knows all the accomplishments of Steve Jobs. Although Jobs is no longer with us, his improvements to technology and innovation are still around today helping society function in not only the business world. But also the entertainment world right along with Zuckerberg, who continues to contribute to society with improvements to Facebook and his major charity contributions.
Throughout Steve Jobs early life, he went through many successes and struggles. During his upcoming days he worked at Hewlett- Packard, where he met a man named Stephen Wozniak. Stephen Wozniak had always been interested in technology and improving daily life with personal electronics. In 1974 Steve Jobs asked Wozniak if he would help him create the first personal computer (Schlager and Lauer). Wozniak then quit his job at Hewlett- Packard, once they had enough money, and began to create a business with Jobs. While working in Jobs bedroom and garage, they designed and built their personal computer prototype (Schlager and Lauer). Through their dedication to the project he pair marketed their creation two years later, the Apple I in 1976, which sold for 666 dollars (Schlager and Lauer).
In comparison to Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg also went through many struggles before he reached his success. Mark Zuckerberg was a self starting man before he attended Harvard
University. While in his college days Mark was writing his own programs and became so talented in the technology field that by time he reached his sophomore year he transferred to a private boarding school named Phillips Exeter High to expand his knowledge through their many computer courses (Newsmaker). Mark’s first struggle came when he reached his senior year in his new school. He met a man named Adam D’Angelo and the two took out a 2 million dollar loan to help them create a program for their senior project (Newsmaker). With the money they had designed a media player that recommended music for you based on related songs, what you listened to, and taste. The program was named Synapse and by time all the bugs were proofed out and they went to get a commercial license their 2 million dollars had expired and the dream of marketing the media player had crumbled (Newsmaker).This would not be the end of Mark though, as he had plans to attend secondary education and further pursue his computer programming dream.
While Steve Jobs was working improve the power and performance of the Apple I, Macintosh sales were exploding. President John Sculley persuaded Apple’s board of directors that Job’s emphasis on technical performance over consumer needs was hurting the company (Schlager and Lauer). Later that week, in 1985, Job’s was sent off to a remote office in...

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