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The Lives Of The Children During The Revolutionary War

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The important role that one might have, is often insignificant until they are missing. During the American Revolution, many family members had to go fight in the war while their wifes and mothers had to take jobs to pay the bills while they husbands were away. You wonder how I know all of that. The answer is simple; I was born just about eight years before the war started in 1775.

Family has always been important to us. My name Anna Jonhanson and I was born in 1768. For you a seven years old my you will think I will not realize much about what was happening around me but I remember almost every details of it. I can recall my dad, Peter Jonhanson, coming back from his farm. He was ...view middle of the document...

My brother took care of getting the water. I had to do little until my sister joined the service with my dad. That's when I got all her chores. I started to understand where and they were and what was happening at around twelve, right in the middle of the action in 1779. At that time no one I knew was still going to school. Many teachers were off to the war and others just disappeared as one of my friends said. My mom tried to homeschool us but she didn't have enough time. Sometimes at night, I use to sit down and pray for dad and my sister, hoping they were still alive.

The economy suffered with the lack of trading between countries. Then on October 8, 1780, my brother joined the service as a drummer boy. I was so worried about him. We had always been so close since we were young and now watching him go was the worst thing that could happen at that time, but little did I know that worst could happen.

1783, the year all the hope and happiness came back to me. My dad came back from the war untouched, I couldn't believe it. Since that day I made a promise to myself to believe in miracles because they do happen. My sister came back two years before my dad in 1781 with some bad injuries. She was never able to walk after that. I felt like I lost her when she came back from the war. She didn't have a spirit anymore, but she was actually traumatized. My brother came back intact to my...

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891 words - 4 pages . Works Cited Hart, Diane, Bert Bower, and Jim Lobdell. History alive!:. Palo Alto, Calif.: Teachers' Curriculum Institute, 2002. Print. "American Revolution." for Kids: Daily Life During the Revolutionary War. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Nov. 2013. . "The American Revolution's Children." N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Nov. 2013. .

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