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The Living Dead Essay

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The introduction of zombies into this world has led many people to want to know about their appearance, behavior, and weaknesses. Zombies are one of the most well-known creatures in the world today. Many people believe they are just a myth, but others have concluded that they are real. Fiction or not, zombies are interesting enough to make people want to learn more about them.
The belief in zombies originated in the Haitian culture. The Haitians strongly believed in witchcraft and Voodoo magic. They assumed that priests called bokors could turn a person into a zombie with a powder containing a deadly poison. Several people would hire bokors to turn a person into a zombie if they did not like him (“Zombies”). Bokors often turned the deceased into zombies if the person broke a law during his lifetime. Zombies were also created for slavery. Being turned into a zombie was considered a harsh punishment to receive. Although the Haitians concluded that zombies were real, many other countries suspected that zombies were just a myth (Radford).
Although zombies are formed from dead humans, they have hardly any similarities in appearance. A zombie’s face consists of the same characteristics as a human’s, but a zombie’s skin has become ruined due to decomposition. Their eyes appear to be much different once they have become a zombie. Their pupils are shaded white. Zombies are also different from humans in the way they maneuver. While humans normally move very easily, zombies have a very graceless way of getting around. It would be very obvious to a person if he was to come into contact with a zombie. The damage received during the transformation into a zombie restricts their muscles causing them to have an unusual posture and making them easy to identify (Hackmann).
Almost all people know or have heard about how zombies eat human brains. One would think that zombies eat brains to eliminate their hunger, but that is not the case. They eat brains to reduce irritation caused by decomposition. Endorphins found in brains help ease the pain that Rigor Mortis, a stiffness received after death, affects. The longing for brains starts soon after a human becomes a zombie (Flacco).
Although many people have heard of zombies in general, only a small amount of people have been informed of the different types of them. One of the many types is the Voodoo Zombie that originated from the Haitians. Voodoo Zombies started off as normal people, but were supposedly brought back to life due to people involved in witchcraft. Another type is the Chemical Zombie formed from scientific experiments that went terribly wrong (“Five Types of Zombies”). Parasitic Zombies, also known as Viral Zombies, were created through viruses that spread among different groups of people. One should not be afraid of just one type of zombie, but of many different kinds of them (Harris).
To try to avoid turning into a zombie, one must first know what turns people into them. There are several ways that a...

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