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The Local Environment: Bicentennial Park Sydney Olympic Park

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The study is carried out in Bicentennial Park to investigate and analyse the local area and expand on the understanding of geological and climatic concepts that can be identified through careful analysis of the area.
The project identifies and analyse how the vegetation of the area can be influenced by soil composition and climate by performing first hand investigation such as analysing soil type and grain size. It’s also about the aspects of the local environment that have been affected by people and propose realistic solutions to the problems that exist.
The aim is to identify and associate landforms, rock types and soils to the natural environment and its plants and animals and also to ...view middle of the document...

Mangrove forests also play an important role in the protection of shorelines from erosion.
Since the 1990s mangrove forest has been undertaken with high level of precaution. Sydney Olympic park have done restoration work to protect the parks estuarine ecosystem. These works have improved the health of mangrove forests. These works include prevention of chemical contaminations and tidal flushing channels.

Human impacts
Mangrove swamps and forest have a vital ecological importance. Still these areas are being destroyed by human activities. The losses of mangrove swamps are being destroyed for timber, fuel wood, wood chips, pulp, fodder, and charcoal. Losses are also a result of clearing of areas of the swamp for mosquito control and fish and shellfish culture operations. . The mangroves also suffer from contamination from human waste.
Natural events are also destroying mangrove areas. Events such as Hurricanes or just heavy rain can cause flooding that can submerge the "breathing" parts of the roots in water or sediment.
There have been conservation acts been taken under consideration since the reliance of what purpose mangrove serve such as they prevent the shoreline from forming erosion from the effects of storms and heavy wave action. Due to this efforts have been made to restore mangrove populations such as the planting of mangrove seeds and etc.
Coastal Saltmarsh
Salt marshes occur on low-energy shorelines in temperate and high-latitudes which can be steady or developing, or sinking if the sedimentation amount exceeds the sinking rate. Generally these shorelines be made up of mud or sand flats which are sustained with sediment from inflowing rivers and streams .Saltmarsh provides habitat and food for animals such as crabs, insects including mosquitoes, molluscs and spiders, as well as for fish, birds and bats. Sydney Olympic Park supports 20 hectares of Saltmarsh.
The role of the coastal saltmarsh effect the rate and spatial distribution of the environment within the salt marsh. The amount of sediment following to salt marsh species is dependent on the type of marsh species, the nearness of the species to the sediment supply, the amount of plant biomass, and the elevation of the species. Salt marsh species play a major role in the accretion of sediments by decreasing current rates and encouraging sediment to settle.
Restoration projects in 1990s have established to the conservation of the saltmarshes. The coastal saltmarsh has gone true managements such as staged removal of the weed, Removal of mangrove and casuarina seedlings that threaten saltmarsh and Management of water levels. Various monitoring and research projects have been undertaken in the Coastal Saltmarsh of Sydney Olympic Park, which are aimed...

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