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The buildings that made up the complex of the Scientia Institute were reflecting the yellow, noon sun straight into William's eyes. Blocking the blinding light with his hand, he stared straight towards the main entrance, as he had for the past twenty minutes.
"For such a smart girl, you'd think she could understand the concept of ending a session on time for once." He strained his vision as the front doors opened, and once again he sighed in disappointment. "Maybe the library got a new book in, one she actually hasn't read yet."
William collapsed against the nearest tree and tried to decipher what sway mere books could hold over a daring dirigible ride through the canyon. Even though he was royalty, William hated playing the part. He was much more comfortable in his brown slacks and black boots than any suit he had ever had the misfortune of having to wear.
Ever since his parents had died four years ago, William was emancipated; Finally regaining his senses several months later, with Higgins futilely attempting to reestablish proper direction for William. Much to his dismay, William's new outlook, like his wardrobe proved immutable. William had already concluded that the world had screwed him over, and as such he felt as if he owed it a solid pop in the mouth.
William cocked his head and smiled as an idea hit him. Pulling his pocket knife out of his left boot, he turned and started carving letters into the tree behind him. As he carved the first letter, an image of Higgins appeared in his head, scolding him for acting so brash. This thought only lead to widening his smile and doubling his efforts on the tree. A group of young students dressed in white lab coats were chatting as they passed close to where William was defacing a tree on Scientia grounds. Hearing the chatting, he quickly turned and leaned back on the tree, pretending to be napping, making sure to cover up his efforts on the tree with his back.
After waiting for the group to be far enough away as to not see what he was doing, he continued his efforts on the message. Finishing the fifth letter, he looked back towards the entrance. Pulling out his pocket watch and noting that another two minutes had gone by with no sign of Amyrial, despite her classes ending twenty-two minutes ago, he did a quick glance around and, being satisfied that nobody was paying him any attention, went back to work on the tree. Finishing the seventh letter, he moved down a bit on the tree, and started working on a symbol this time.
About half-way done, a peculiar sound brought William's attention to the road leading into the complex. Turning around for a better look, William focused his gaze towards the guard-posted gate that let buggies into the complex one at a time, requiring Vaporia citizenship papers. William knew the guards well, including their routines and shift changes. A week's worth of waiting in that line convinced him he no longer needed to...

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