The Location Of Landfills Essay

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The Location Of Landfills

Landfill, as defined in the Electronic Encarta World Dictionary 2000, is a method of solid waste disposal in which refuse is buried between layers of dirt so as to fill in or reclaim low-lying ground. There are numerous environmental issues related to landfills. The one that this paper will concentrate is on the issue regarding the location of landfills.
As old landfills are forced to close due to the massive amounts of waste material contained within, many cities search for new landfill space that will meet the necessary standards. Due to rising construction costs, some cities discovered it was less expensive to ship their garbage to other places than to upgrade old landfills or open new ones. Some even went as far as dumping their waste into bodies of water, disturbing the ecosystem present. About eighty percent of Canada's garbage goes to landfills, many of them are rapidly running out of room; half are expected to be filled past capacity by the year 2002. Without the immediate introduction of new means of dealing with our garbage there will be no doubt of not only an environmental crisis but also a human crisis.
Specific requirements for the treatment, storage, and disposal of household and solid wastes usually vary considerably from one province to another. In April 1994 the CCME (The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment) published a revised set of regulations for municipal solid waste landfills. According to these rules, planed landfills cites could not be located within earthquake zones, wetlands, floodplains, or near airports. (Hall 17) In Edmonton, the Clover Bar Sanitary Landfill, which opened in November 1975, covers 198 acres and holds over 12 million tonnes of waste. When built, by law the city of Edmonton had to put in several environmental safeguards. Some of these safeguards were: a clay liner that prevents leachate from contacting groundwater, a landfill gas collection system that uses landfill gas to produce electricity and an innovative re-vegetation plan.
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Sanitary landfills involve well-designed engineering methods to protect the environment from contamination by solid or liquid wastes. A necessary condition in designing a sanitary landfill is the availability of vacant land that is available to the community being served and has the capacity to handle several years of waste material. (Webster) Of course, the location must also be acceptable to the local community. If a landfill happens to be situated near housing, it would be considered unacceptable because of the affiliated odors and pests. The government also plays a key role in sanitary landfill locations, since governments operate most of them.
There are numerous organizations that want to see an end to landfills and a more environment friendly alternative to handle solid waste. One such organization is "Keep America Beautiful" based out of Washington, D.C. They have been known to join...

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