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The London Eye Essay

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Forty-five minutes ago my cover was blown. I’ve been hiding out in London as a banker; there have been numerous reporting’s of some not so friendly characters snooping around the London Eye. Every day at 1p.m. they would walk into the South Street Band and then leave. Five minutes later they would walk in again, then leave. So my boss hooked be up with a job as a teller to report back my findings, but lately things around here got overly intense. Well if I am going to tell you this right I should start at the beginning. Let’s say three days ago.
It was just an ordinary Tuesday and I was walking down toward the deli to meet up with my old school chum Philmore. Just about to turn the corner I noticed an ID card on the ground; I picked it up and read, “Mitch Flannigan.” He looked kind of like a poodle; big curly brown hair, dark bushy eyebrows that looked like a scowl, a thick dark brown moustache with little gray bits on the left side, and big circular hippie glasses kind of like the ones Harry Potter wore. Which is kind of funny because Mitch Flannigan had a lightning shape wrinkle indent on his right cheek; I believe it was there to even out the gray.
So I turned and looked around to see if I saw Mitch, but I did not. So I planned on going to the deli and on my way home haul a cab to take me to the station, but things do not always turn out the way you plan. The deli was about four streets overt from where I found the ID; I began walking so I would not be late. Getting a creepy sensation that someone was following me I snapped my head around as quick as a whip only to find nobody. “Maybe I am just a little tired,” I thought. So I kept on walking, but when I was two streets from the deli got that funny feeling again. I slowed down to the speed of a snail and flicked my head back only to see a dark cape blowing, as if it had been moving quickly heading down an ally.
My first big mistake was made right here. Any normal persons’ brain would go, “WARNING! WARNING! DO NOT FOLLOW THE SCARY BLACK CAPE INTO THE DARK ALLY!” No, my idiot brain gets curious so instead of turning around and heading for the deli, I walk my butt straight down the dark alley. After only about ten seconds of being in that alley I got wacked in the head by something extremely big, hard, and round based on the bruise.
When I awoke, three hours later, the ID card was gone. So what does my moronic self do; I go crying to the cops. The cops thought I was a crazy, lunatic for coming into the station saying I saw a poodle man in a dark cape walking into an alley. So they laughed in my face and left to get coffee and donuts. I thought I might have been crazy. Did I just fall and dream the entire thing? Probably I just needed to get a good-night sleep to wear the siacotic away.
Home at last, I went straight to bed on the bedroom floor. Even though it was only 5p.m. I was extremely tired. I could have slept like a bear during hibernation, but at around...

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