The Lonely Boy Who Walked Alone In The Street. There Is A Boy, A Girl, Teen, Grandma, English 9 Essay

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Red Hunting Hat:
· I bought this hat from a sports store in New York for a dollar after I lost the fencing team’s equipment. “It was this red hunting hat, with one of those very, very long peaks” (3).
· This is one of the flaps that fell off of my hat ^
· I’ve always wondered “where the ducks went when the lagoon got all icy and frozen over” (13).
· Some feathers I’ve picked up along the way in Central Park
Allie Glove
· Allie’s left fielder’s mitt with “poems written all over” with green ink (38).
· Fabric and string that belonged to the mitt.
Pencey Prep
· My old phony school “that’s in Agerstown, Pennsylvania (2).
· Pencey’s Pennant
· The train ride to New York from Pencey
· Also met “Ernest Morrow’s” mother (54).
· I always remembered how when Jane and I played checkers she “wouldn’t take her kings out of the back row” (78).
· The same exact pieces from when we played last time
Mr. Antolini
· My favorite teacher back at Elkton Hills but I must say he did come off kind of gay towards me when “he was sitting on the floor… patting me on the goddam head” (192).
· My report card that I received in his class.
Money $8.65
· I still remember this...

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