The Lonely Caterpillar Essay

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There was once a very lonely and sad monarch caterpillar. He would wake up every morning alone and cold in the shades of the leaves. As usual, he would check around nervously for danger before he proceeds to look for food. He was an especially picky eater because he would only eat the leaves of a milkweed plant. One morning, he woke to the scorching ray of light blaring upon the lonely caterpillar. He decided to check the flare out when he noticed a string of caterpillars beside him – marching one by one on the thin stem of a blooming flower. They proceeded to spit out strange silks then encasing themselves in it as it was simultaneously suspended on the stem and hidden in the pedal of the flower. The lonely caterpillar never saw his parents, but he knew the caterpillars were going through a stage of metamorphosis, where they become the pupa. He also knew one day he’ll become a beautiful butterfly.
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From a distance he could see the caterpillars he saw yesterday poised on the stem in the sunlight. From out of nowhere, a faint figure composed of grey and black dove from the sky and picked up the stem. It was a mockingbird! The bird quickly ripped off the pupas before the lonely caterpillar’s eyes as he stands there in shock. With one swift motion, the bird opened his mouth and consumed all the pupas. The mockingbird continues to circulate the air for sights of isolated creatures. The lonely caterpillar quivered in terror. Without a word he scrunched up in a ball and hide in the shade beneath the rocks. He was afraid, lonely, and hungry. He thought to himself, if he was a butterfly, he could escape the bird. Instead he was trapped under the rock in fear. Nightfall closes in, and the lonely caterpillar was still hungry. Eagerly he crawled out of his “shelter” hoping to find food before the sun sets before he returns home. Miles and miles he crawled and still no sight of food. He knew he was far from his home but that did not stop him. As impatient as the lonely caterpillars is he is very courageous. Days after days he crawled with all he could, occasionally stopping at milkweed plants to fulfil his famished stomach. But one day he knew he could not crawl anymore. He rested on a leaf and fell into a deep sleep.
He woke up on the ground again. He had no idea how many days passed while he was asleep. All he knew was that he was thirsty. He crawled towards a puddle in the gaps of some rocks lying on the ground. He drank as much as he could but noticed something strange. On the puddle was a reflection of a majestic butterfly staring back at him. It did not take long before the lonely caterpillar realized he is the majestic butterfly. With excitement he flew high above the trees and plants that were resting on the ground. He saw everything – from little creatures that were on the ground to fruits that were on the tree. He knew that he had turn into the most magnificent monarch butterfly of them all.
The caterpillar has learned a very valuable lesson. He learned that whether you are impatient or not, do not give up!

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