The Lonely Raindrop: Depression Essay

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The Lonely Raindrop
Depression is an touchy and continually changing subject. Having depression can be a confusing and frustrating thing to deal with. Becoming depressed and having to seek help can be a stressful and complicated process, that can only further increase his or her’s depression, however depression is a terrible, but common mental illness, that can be treated and maintained with the help of others.
“Depression is a mood that goes well beyond temporarily feeling sad or blue” (Duckworth 1). Depression is when one feels out of character, by different kinds of sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, self doubt, and guilt. Usually a person feels more depressed at a time of ...view middle of the document...

(1) Major can not only effect his or her life, but their surrounding family and friends. Another form of depression is Dysthymia. Dysthymia are symptoms that last longer but are far less than those of Major Depression. “With dysthymia, you may lose interest in normal daily activities, feel hopeless, lack productivity, and have low self-esteem and an overall feeling of inadequacy. People with dysthymia are often thought of as being overly critical, constantly complaining and incapable of having fun” (Dysthymia 1). The last form of depression is minor depression. Minor Depression is similar to Major Depression and Dysthymia, however symptoms are not as severe and last far less longer. According to Psychology Today their is some controversy around whether or not minor depression is actually minor. They back up these claims by stating, minor depression is persistent and prevalent, minor depression causes major problems, and minor depression often escalates to major depression. (1)
Determining if a person is depressed can be a difficult task to fulfill. Someone could easily mistake a bad day or simple grievance as depression, which could make one worry more and further increase the likelihood of depression. Their are simple depression determining tests online, however to confirm and seek further treatment, one must go to a trained professional.
“Each year depression affects 5- percent of adults in the US, 25 million americans will have an episode of depression” (Duckworth 1). Morbidity and Morality Weekly Report article Current Depression among adult— united states, 2006, and 2008 from SIRS Government Reporter claims Depression is a common and treatable mental illness with an estimated 6.6% of the U.S adult population experience a major depressive disorder during a 12-month period. They support this claim by first analyzing data from a survey between 2006 and 2009, then matching the correct participants to their specific type of depression, if any, and finally giving a statistic of races and types of people more vulnerable to certain types of depression. Morbidity and Morality Weekly’s purpose is to bring the residence in the us aware of the high number of people with depression in order too be more sympathetic and careful around certain types of people.
Depression affects everyone, differently, causing people to react in their own way. Depression can effect men, woman, teens, and children. Each type having their own ways of dealing with depression, and each having different symptoms. Even within each person, unique outcomes occur from depression.
“About 11 percent of adolescents have a depressive disorder by age 18 according to the National Comorbidity Survey-Adolescent Supplement (NCS-A)” (Depression in Children and Adolescents 1). Their are many reasons that contribute to a teen becoming depressed. The most naturally occurring one would be the changes in their body. Since most teens are still going through puberty, they have...

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