The Lonesome Warrior Essay

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The human race has a relentless obsession with making any sizable profit to the point where we ignore all rational thinking. At the heart of any decision, greed is almost always the motive. Throughout history, we have driven countless species into extinction such as the Atlantic salmon and Atlantic cod for the sake of trade profits. By this profit-driven rational, is it okay to state the argument that as long as one stands to make a profit, who cares whether a species goes extinct or not? There is no profit to be made once the species no longer exits (Vaillant, page 44). This is often the mentality of a toddler. The baby wants its bottle so he will continue to cry until he is appeased, no matter what is happening around him.
One would hope that civilization would be more evolved and sophisticated than that. Instead of waiting for a species to recover from depletion, mankind takes till they can take no more. The materialistic mindset of people will never rest until they are stopped by one of two forces. The first force is that the supply has been run dry. The reaction to this is to find a new object of interest and pursue it until you are once again stopped by a factor. The second outcome is that there is a big push for a halt in the specific acquisition. The reaction to this is the same as that of the first example. There is no escape from this never-ending cycle.
Hadwin recognized the cycle and struggled with finding a way to fight it. Unfortunately, he decided cutting down the legendary Golden Spruce was the best option. I fully understand why he did this. His act makes sense to me and I would have supported him except, the tree was an essential part of the Native’s traditions. Native Americans have customarily been very conscious and respectful of the balance within nature. They were not the ones who exploited everything in...

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