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It was Marius; it had to zealously be Marius. Didn’t it? The two lustful lovers leapt apart from one another, their cheeks flushed with rouge and their breaths laboured from craving desperate desire. Enjolras’ stomach deeply felt tight and his throat dry, not glancing at Eponine; he instantaneously turned to Marius. The only person could face in the room at the present moment. Eponine had found tremendous interest in the fold of her shirt. Marius did not pause to notice the heated thickness of the luminiferous ether.
“Dinner is ready for us! Oh-“His eyes finally caught the shallow breathes his friends were taking and the redness in their expressions. “Did I interrupt one of your arguments? ...view middle of the document...

Except, it appeared that the fanatical politician would not come home any time soon. So, the last resort was met; board games. The groups of friends attempted to avoid board games as much as could be done, broken furniture was not fun. The two discovered themselves engrossed in a riveting game of chess when the door began to hammer. Dumbstruck, the two fleeted glances between the chess pieces and the door that became increasingly loud. In a childish manner, they stared at one another until Combeferre surrendered and stood to answer the thunderous visitor. With a graceful sweep, the door kindly opened. Combeferre’s eyes caught empty air. From side to side, he surveyed the hallway; not one figure in sight.
“I’m down here!” A cheeky voice called to him. Combeferre’s eyes travelled downwards to behold a young boy. His mischievous smile framed by unruly curls, and his stance dominant. Combeferre examined his attire. The coat was dampened by the rain and his clothes were decent, but they appeared second-hand. His smile reminded him of someone he was close to, but who? “Are you going to stand there all day?” Not waiting for Combeferre’s response the small boy ran under his arm into the apartment.
Courfeyrac wore a confused expression at the sight of this child strolling through the apartment, picking up ornaments and reading Enjolras’ papers carefreely. Combeferre was as stunned as his friend, grabbing Courfeyrac’s arm; they hurried to the kitchen for a discussion. The young buck was lounging on the sofa casually. This was insane.
“I think Enjolras adopted a child.” Courfeyrac spoke so gently in good humour, clearly enjoying the child’s company. Combeferre swatted at his friend’s arm in frustration. Could he not be serious, for once? “Ow! I’m serious, who is he?”
“How am I supposed to know?” Combeferre whispered furiously. The man was clever, not psychic. The matter was uncomfortable; however whispering angrily to one another would not fix the issue. “Um, excuse me?” The boy swivelled around to face him, the smile never left him. It was so similar to another person, but whom? “I don’t mean to be rude, but…” Courfeyrac rolled his eyes at the formality of the situation, he was a child!
“Who are you?” Courfeyrac demanded, not with inexorable rage; but with mild curiosity. The boy took no offence; he had pride that could not be shattered easily. Being the swaggering rebel, he was; the boy strolled over with a confident persona.
“I am Gavroche Thenardier, student of Enjolras and all around troublesome rebel.” Charmingly, Gavroche shook their hands. Combeferre exhaled a profound breath of realization. It was Eponine! Eponine’s smile was mischievous with a twinkle of sorrowful love. It was a broken smile that had seen life’s hardship, but illuminated the room. Gavroche beamed the same grin; it was the beam of life’s survivor. Courfeyrac’s respect was earned by the introduction alone. He stepped forward and put his arm around Gavroche’s shoulders....

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