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The Long Road Home Essay

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The future holds a different meaning for everyone, for some it holds hope while for others it holds despair. This constant wondering about the future has influenced many works to be written about the future. Some of these works propose a blissful future, but the majority paint the picture of an unfortunate dystopian world. Recently I read Daughters of the North, a novel in which the dystopian future of England is shown. Shortly after reading Daughters of the North, I watched The Road. This film showed a similar view of the future, yet more grim and unappealing that Daughters of the North. In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting these two works to show two different points of view of what a dystopian world is. After watching The Road I realised there was a large amount of books and movies that believe the future will be grim. I believe this is because as humans we fear what may be in our future due to the conflicts that we face today and wish to warm the world.
When reading Daughters of the North, I took a specific interest in how the environment was represented. In both Daughters of the North and The Road I observed that the climate had been effected by climate change. The altered climate caused complications for the characters in both works, and contributed to the dystopian world. Buildings and towns where described as run down and old, suggesting a poor economy. The people in both works where shown as depressed and badly treated, having to fight to survive and being abused by those who held power over them. An antagonist was heavily present in both The Road and Daughters of the North, these antagonists held power over the main characters and worsened the hardships they had to face. Those who held power had claimed it by force after the apocalyptic events that had previously happen. In The Road, the environment was drastically worse than in Daughters of the North. Trees, plants, and animals where dead due to an unknown disaster which has obscured the sun, creating a drastic food shortage. The lack of food available has led to further death, and many have resorted to cannibalism. Those who still remained alive fought to stay alive, traveling from town to town looking for food and avoiding the ‘thugs’, who would rob survivors of their food and supplies. In Daughters of the North there is a far less dramatic environment, climate change has effected life in England by creating more extreme winters. Trees and plants are animals are still plentiful to those in Carhullan to harvest, and the climate is bearable. Food is limited to those who live in Rith, and rations are brought from the United States to those living in Rith. England is controlled by ‘The Authority’, who prevents escapes and pregnancies. Citizens of Rith live in close quartered apartments, and are commonly given drugs to numb the hardships they have to live in. In Carhullan food is more widespread, hunting and gathering are the main ways of collecting food. The large...

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