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The Long Term Causes Of The French Revolution

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This paper is on the The Long Term Causes of the French Revolution. It willexplain events that leaded up to the revolution and how they occured and caused the greatrevolution to happen.Louis XVI, who was of the royal house of Bourban, became the absolute monarchof France when his grand father Louis XV died. When Louis the XVI became king,France was having a lot of problems, and was changing very fast. So France needed astrong leader to make wise decisons and to deal with problems with the French people.Although Louis had lot's of good Ideas he was weak ruler and he could not make thedecisons need at the time.In 1770 when Louis was fifeteen he married the fourteen year old MarieAntoinette, ...view middle of the document...

They tried to solve the problems that the lowerclass were faced with. They commented against the Church, Nobility and any body elsethey felt were robbing the lower class from there rights and freedoms which they felt everyone was able to have and should have. Most of them did not want to take the throne awayfrom the King but they did how ever feel that the should have a Constitional Monarchy,they wanted a more democratic government that gave the people more of a say.Some people criticized against the Philoshers because the thought that theywanted to destroy French Society. But what these people did not realize is that most ofthem wanted to improve the society in which they were living. After seing the success ofthe Amercain war of Independence was a success this also got people thinking of what itwould be like to press for there right to obtain there own goverenment.In theroy France was a well united county but is was not really the Nobles werejelouse of the king and they thought of him as a threat, At the same time the middle classwere jelouse of the nobles because the Nobles held all the important offices. The Churchwas like the Nobles and had feudal rights that no one else had this also made the middleclass jelouse because the Church was making allot of money and they had to pay no taxes.Therefore all the taxes fell on thoes who could least afford to pay them Althoughlife was improving for the middle class life was getting worse and worse all the time forthe lower class It was estimated in the years 1771 and 1789 there were 7 million beggarsin France.The kings series of Finance ministers suggested to the king that every one and allland should be taxed, but these Ideas did not suite the Nobles and louis was to weak of aruler to go against the Noble of France. because of this the lower class started looking atthe success of the American Revolution and the wanted change in the royal government.The Nobles seen a chance to greater there power and lower the kings and...

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