The Long Time To See Him

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How do the media influence people's behavior and perception of the world?
When you look at a magazine, what catches your attention the most? Is it the juicy gossip which tells you if a certain celebrity broke up with another? Or is it the beautiful models which grace every single page of the magazine? What music is the best? What is in fashion? A place we might like to visit for vacation. Where should we go out with our friends? What movie to go watch. We all get some sort of influence from the media. It shapes our opinions, but it can be for the worse as well. Over the past years the media has grown widely in magazines, radio/music and the internet. It has a powerful influence on mostly the youth and teenagers of this generation.
Firstly, magazines influence the youth and teenagers. There are so many magazines that the youth like to see to find out what is in fashion. People, Seventeen and Teen Vogue are a few of the magazines that attract some of the teens. Flipping through the pages of magazines teens will see mold after mold of an image in our society has made teenagers want to be. Many youth and teenagers will do anything so they can look like their favorite celebrity. This can happen to both girls and boys, like many young girls who want to look like their favorite celebrities that are skinny and they consider good looking. Many youth will do anything to look like the three favorite celebrity they will even start a diet that can cause them harm. One of the illnesses is called anorexia; it is when someone does not eat and they starved another illness is bulimic; when someone eats and then they vomit. These illnesses are most commended on girls but it can also be with the boys too. It could it so bad; they ended up being in a hospital for weeks or if not tried them will have very bad health problem in the future.
The second reason for influence is radio/music; on the teen and youth. Music is the most common way the youth like to use while they are driving, walking/running cleanly or will do their homework. The singer or writer tries to make their song so that teens can relate to them. That’s way many teens like to listen to music. Teens will put the different types of music when they are doing work, homework, or are at a party. The article: What Influence Does Music Have on Our Kids? By Carma Haley Shoemaker tell us about “These types of behaviors stem from a much deeper problem and should be addressed as such – not as a result or influence of a song and its lyrics." At a party they will put music that makes you want to dance and go wild or when you are doing your homework you will put a different kind of music that make you constraint. The article: the influence of music &rock videos by Michael...

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