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THE OUTLINE THESIS SENTENCE: Although life was difficult and the amount of hard work was high, children and adults were able to find time for leisure activities and recreation in Colonial America, and were eventually able to expand on both the amount and forms of entertainment.I. Most colonial families lived on a farm, and although the children had to help out as much as they could, they found time to enjoy themselves.A. Children often turned their work or chores into games or challenges to make the time pass more quickly or to make it seem like fun.1. Children usually had the simplest and most boring jobs, so creating fun out of the work was important.2. Most families had four to six children so there was usually someone to keep company with.B. When children did have free time they enjoyed many different games and activities.1. The children played many outdoor games that their parents and grandparents taught them.2. Because of their surroundings, colonial children had to make due with what they had and create different games and toys.II. Adults in Colonial American society had a limited number of forms of recreation at first, but as time went on were able to establish and enjoy different forms of entertainment, most notably sports and theatre.A. American colonies established laws that prohibited various forms of entertainment.1. There were laws and ordinances that prohibited drinking, music, and theatre.2. The only forms of artistic expression were often through religion and the church.B. As time went on, many colonies eventually eased up on laws or they were simply ignored, allowing new forms of entertainment to be enjoyed in their lives.1. Sport, both indoor and outdoor became an important part of colonial recreation.2. In the eighteenth century, the establishment of the theatre was an important step in the evolvement of recreation in Colonial America.III. Conclusion CHAPTER 1 Children and Recreation in Colonial America When one thinks of Colonial America, too often the thought turns immediately to only religious and agricultural activities. While these were certainly the two most prominent forms of activity for the colonist, there was also time to engage in other experiences. Although life was difficult and amount of hard work was high, children and adults were able to find time for leisure activities and recreation in Colonial America, and were eventually able to expand on both the amount and forms of entertainment available to them.Most colonial families lived on a farm, and although the children had to help out as much as they could, they found time to enjoy themselves. There was a lot of hard work that had to be done on farms, and even very young children had to help with various chores. Usually, adults left the simplest and most boring chores for the children to do. They ended up performing such tasks as carrying wood, husking corn, gathering berries, leading oxen, carding wool, gathering eggs, and churning butter. (1) Colonial children...


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