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The Hunt For Red October: Superb Military Reenactment

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Tom Clancy, the master and creator of the military genre, wrote The Hunt for Red October. Clancy and his book have received many awards, such as Best Selling Author, and achieving honor of being a bestselling book over the course of four years. All the success he has now did not come easy, and since writing was not his first career choice, he also achieved success as an insurance salesman. Clancy dreamed of joining the Navy, mostly because of his father’s background in the armed forces, and from a young age dedicated everything he did towards doing so; such as, joining the ROTC program in his schools. Unfortunately for him, he had poor eyesight and was rejected, as was his dream. He spent years developing The Hunt for Red October, as a second career path; meanwhile, he worked to sell insurance. Clancy learned more than there was to know about technology, so much so people thought he was actually getting information from the CIA, and with his imagination creating a twist; he soon published one of greatest military based books ever to be written and created a completely new subgenre under the military genre, techno-thriller.
Born April 12, 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland, Tom Clancy begins his journey to becoming one of the best contemporary military based authors. He was the son of a mailman who served in the United States Navy. Tom Clancy recalls memories about his father, “taught me to be independent” (Richard Baiocco). Clancy’s mother worked in the credit department for Montgomery Ward, a department store. His parents both worked solely to send him to parochial school. He attended a school educated by Jesuits, “Tom recalls having had ethics pounded into him” (Richard Baiocco).
Growing up, Clancy was very interested in gadgets, “He was absolutely in awe of th idea of manned spaceflight” (Richard Baiocco), and found everything from spaceflights to military history interesting. Clancy spent most of his time reading about the weaponry used in the world wars. Clancy received low grades in school during this stage of his life, but not because he was not smart but because he wished to conceal his curiosity towards education. With a growing interest in military history, being a military child was idealistic.
Clancy idealized his father and tried to follow his steps into service following high school. “The six-foot-two-inch, one-hundred-eighty-pound teenager was rejected because he was nearsighted” (Baiocco 12). Upon the crushing of those dreams, Clancy settled for the ROTC program in the Loyola in Baltimore, Maryland as a freshman. Unfortunately for him, “Tom was kicked out of the ROTC program, once again for his poor eye-sight” (Lansford 381). This crushed Clancy because the “Vietnam War (was) raging and he felt he would have made an excellent tank commander” (Baiocco 12). “Clancy graduated in 1969 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and married a nursing student named Wanda Thomas” (Lansford 381).
During life after Loyola,...

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