The Search For The Double Helix

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English paper -This is an excellent story autobiography, of a brilliant scientist, James Dewey Watson, who reveals the structure of DNA. But this book is not wholly about science. Far from it. It's about a race, or game, for the one thing that separates scientists from great scientists, the Nobel Prize.The race is among five people: Wilkins, Franklin, Pauling, and Watson and Crick. And how do you win a race of such prestige? By playing fair? Not in this case. To be the first to uncover the structure of the DNA molecule was going to take a little cheating, and we find out that Jim Watson was not the most 'honest' person. More than a few times he lies or simply twists the facts to get what he wants.Jim Watson is a young, American postdoctoral fellow, trying to work in an English society that has many more rules, or morals, than he is used to. The problem of not being able to work on what he is so wrapped up in, DNA, causes serious problems for him. Because as we find out in this book, when Jim Watson becomes interested in something, he sticks with it. And because of the English morals, he was not allowed to simply take over what someone else, Maurice Wilkins, had already started on.The beginning of 'Honest Jim,' could be traced back to his getting to Cambridge, and the Cavendish Laboratory in the first place. It presented the problem of funding, as Jim was sent to England to study metabolism of nucleic acids with Herman. Watson entirely bored by Herman's studies, decided he needed to be transferred to Cambridge to work on DNA. And with a few lies to keep his funds coming, he was off to the Cavendish. Once there however, getting to work on DNA was more challenging than he had hoped for. It took some getting in good with Maurice Wilkins, so that he would give the 'OK' to do some research on DNA as well. At one point Watson even tried to use his 'pretty' sister, which he noticed Wilkins looking at, to get in good. After tediously explaining to Wilkins that he was using models to try to figure out the structure, and not x-ray crystallography, he was finally given the go ahead. After all using models was like working on another problem, or just 'playing with toys' to Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin. Linus Pauling may have also inadvertently helped get Watson and Crick on DNA by doing his own work back in the States. When Watson told Bragg of Pauling's decision to try to figure out the structure as well, Bragg was all too eager to let them try it rather than let the Western Hemisphere get another triumph over the English.It then comes to, how 'honest' was Jim? I qoute of Jim Watson:We were only a few minutes out of sight of the hotel when we saw a party coming down upon us, and I quickly recognized one of the climbers. He was Willy Seeds, a scientist whom several years before had worked at King's College, London, with Maurice Wilkins on the optical properties of DNA fibers. Willy...

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