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"The lord of the flies" is a novel by William Golding author published in 1954 that shows fragility of civilization. It describes the regressive course of children themselves.
After a plane crash, a group of children found alone without adults on a deserted island. Quickly the group organized in a democratic pattern: they choose by-election a leader, Ralph, and decide the role of each. Meetings organized, privileged moments lyrics. Various incidents and life which looks tougher as they thought initially will gradually switch the group into savagery and tyranny, symbolized by another character lighthouse, Jack. The wild pig hunt reveals youth from the primitive impulses. And the fire, show ...view middle of the document...

A system of totalitarian power that is not reminiscent of a certain historical reality of the time. He is big, strong and dark and wants to impose by force. contradictory, he brings the food to the group by hunting. He awakens in others and he urges of violence. And he manipulates others of terror, by establishing ritual and beliefs. It symbolizes the brutality, tyranny.
Piggy, the intellectual to the ungrateful physical and makes asthma heckled for his weakness but respected for intelligence and usefulness. His glasses that symbolize knowledge have enabled the group to have fire, essential for survival. He is the guarantor of the values of the civilization. He knows think, analyses the situation is Seer. It symbolizes wisdom and civilization.
Simon, the martyr, seeking truth is one that symbolizes wisdom and will be the first victim of the madness that will gradually win the group to him. It was he who discovers the truth about the monster of the island (it is a dead paratrooper). Wanting to warn others of their mistake and gets killed (know the truth to go into the unknown).
Ralph is the one who brings together all children from the island by the calling with the conch (shell). He became Chief and establishes rules of life. It symbolizes the civilisation and the democracy.
From the perspective of a political vision, this novel shows the failure of civilization and democracy. This island novel is an ideal laboratory for the analysis of the human species. It is a testing ground for new forms of life in society, by destruction of the pre-established frameworks and experiment of chaos and life as one can dream, as it idealise it in utopia.
The struggle between civilization and the wild life is a fundamental concern in the work of Golding. In this, the novel develops two rival tendencies that compete continually in every human being, and within human societies. These children abandoned on this island will try first to imitate adults. We find through various symbols and references, all brands of the Organization of a civilized society, the standard framework for any social organization:
- A gathering and communication instrument: the conch
- Election of a leader upon their arrival at the beach: Ralph
- Regular meetings
- Votes
- A regulation
social organization: the sharing of social roles between the fire keepers, hunters, the builders of log cabins
The wish of Ralph and Piglet is to keep up order and to stay civilized but the legitimacy of Ralph as Chief is relative. Each of these representations of civilization will scorned as the story because the remoteness of its inhabitants of their original civilization promotes the release of the effects.
Social frameworks will burst and children replenish the species wild, instinctive life: faith is replaced by superstitions (the 'monster' and its offerings), order by the law of the strongest. They will lose any concept of education and eat badly, wear masks to change identity; they become...

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