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The Loss Of A Dream Essay

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In “Winter Dreams”, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the lifestyle is all about the American Dream. Dexter Green, the main character, has been searching for that ideal American Dream since he was a young boy. Dexter spent his entire life seeking wealth and Judy Jones, who was in fact the ideal women. In the end of the story the loss of Judy revealed Dexter’s dream for his life, his values, and the values of those around him.
With Dexter’s loss of Judy the ideal women, he lost the aspect of the ideal lifestyle. Dexter always aimed for the best and when he couldn’t have it he didn’t want to settle for less. Throughout the story he is chasing after a women named Judy Jones. She represents the American dream, and the best there is. Dexter couldn’t seem to grasp the thought of Judy. He fell in love with another girl named Irene but still couldn’t resist the urge to chase after Judy. In the end he couldn’t get either, he was stuck between the perfect women and reality. He losses Judy and the ideal of the American dream, he no longer wants it. “Long ago there was something in me, but now that thing is gone. Now that thing is gone, that thing is gone. I cannot cry. I cannot care. That thing will come back no more (550).” The American dream meant so much to him when he was younger, but as he grew and lost the things closest to him the dream began to fade away. He lost sight of it. “The dream was gone. Something had been taken from him (550).” The women he so dearly chased after was now gone along with his dream of having the supreme lifestyle he wanted.
When Dexter lost Judy, it revealed how she affected his values. Dexter, ever since he was a young kid always wanted to be wealthy and have the best of everything. “His winter dreams happened to be concerned with the musings of the rich (538).” He craved to be like the men he caddied for. When he met Judy he saw it as his chance to squeeze his way into the rich lifestyle. He lowered his values and became the man she wanted him to be. He couldn’t resist her charm and he seductiveness....

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