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The Loss Of A Necessary Human Function

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Social media today is found everywhere. On cell phones, on the Internet, on tablets, for business; it has become something that has created constant communication amongst society. This constant and instant communication has created problems with face-to-face communication. It has created a blockade in the idea of human interaction. Facebook messenger, Twitter direct messaging, Instagram Direct, LinkedIn connections, and Snapchat offer private communication that happens immediately and never face-to-face. These websites, as beneficial as they can be for keeping in touch with friends from the past, can be just as harmful and result in an upset in daily human functions. Personal conversation ...view middle of the document...

Drawing on observations and interviews conducted amongst college students, I have concluded that we are losing touch of the idea that face-to-face communication is something that keeps us, as humans, functioning daily.
My initial observations on this topic began on a photo sharing website called Instagram. I thought that this would be a logical place to start research about communication because Instagram is currently very popular and it allows for others to see photos of exactly what one is doing without ever communicating with them. Instagram, with 150 million users, and an average of 16 billion photos posted since its launch in 2010, has transformed the world of photo sharing. On instagram, members are encouraged to post photos about their everyday happenings, pictures from their past, inspirational quotes, and of course pictures of family and friends. Instagram is becoming more and more popular as our lives become more affiliated with technology every day. People post what they are eating, where they are going, what friends they are with, and whatever they find “artsy.” Followers on Instagram often are your group of friends and family members, or even people you don’t know becoming your virtual family that you will never come in contact with. Your pictures share experiences with your followers, but by never encountering them face-to-face, society is missing the social interaction that humanity should have each and every day. By coming to the realization that Instagram is a perfect example of how social media is blocking face-to-face communication, I further observed the accounts of some of my dear friends from home.
My first observation took place from January 17th to January 18th of 2014. That weekend I began to observe the multiple themes that are found through Instagram and how it reflects the person who has posted the picture and the people who view them. I found numerous themes in the pictures I viewed including love, inspiration, happiness, graciousness and friendship. These themes represented in the photos are conveyed without ever displaying the emotions to other people face-to-face. One of friends that I follow is a friend from Middlesex, New Jersey named Jimmy. On January 17th, Jimmy posted a statement of love regarding his one-year anniversary with his girlfriend. He said, “Happy one year to the most amazing person in my entire life. I cannot begin to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and how amazing you’ve been to me. Words will never describe how much you mean to me but I promise you it’s more than you can imagine. Thank you for the best year of my life I love you so much.” Statements of love, like this one, can bring up feelings in both the viewer of the picture and the person who posted it. By sharing a statement of love, the viewer of my friend Jimmy now know information about his love life that they did not previously know without every encountering him face-to-face. The display of emotions without an emotional...

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