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Screaming back and forth was my life. All I ever heard were screams of profanity in my dreams. My eyes would be closed yet in my heart I could still see the conflict. My limbs were numb but I could still feel the tension. I was here in this world stuck in the middle of my life, in the middle of nowhere with no one.
My life involves nothing but books and the dull nature that can be found outdoors, though it seems to me that it is always raining. Maybe it is just perceived that way due to my dreams being drenched and stained with tears.
Knowing this, books have usually been my only true escape.Though, there was one book in particular that brought my heart to my throat. It was the book next ...view middle of the document...

I had a regular routine every day the same, no changes or exceptions, when it came to my life. I was just here in my existence, well this was all until, the day I met her. The crazy girl that I now call one of my close friends, the one person that I would never have thought of. This girl would flip my world inside out and she would drag me in the mud yet still a friend she was and how this happened is still somewhat a mystery.
It all started with this girl coming over to my lonesome island, and stating blankly, "You look lonely, I'm Rachel and imma be your friend." Then she sits next to me and inquires to ask "Oh can I sit here?"
Such an interesting person to see me as new. I stand here and look around; I'm still standing in the same place yet my mind has found something. I'm not sure what it is but it could be hope.
I look around and see my life in the glass and see a person in the dull reflection and I ask "Is this even me?".
Surly enough, though this child is found broken and finds her strength in me. Me of all people! I'm in a shell staring to the sky for inspiration. I'm lost in this circumstance, yet I am strength to others. That can't be.
I needed inspiration, but my mind continually goes wandering off searching through the clouds. In no way could I bring forth hope to others when I'm speechless in my thoughts.
Only thing going through my head is random, incoherent words flashing. I'm not only stuck here in this rainy place, but I'm being boxed into my own mind!
Works of fiction and the strange reality is all beginning to come crashing on me.
Words flash through my mind all colors with unknown reasoning: rough blacks, the ghostly whites, bold...

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