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Christianity. This word brings a lot of mixed thoughts in one’s head especially for those people who do not understand the concept of this religion, such as the people of Rome in early times. “ … And by a distinction between the seasons which is due to God’s arrangement, set aside some for festivals, others for times of sorrow- merely to suit their own inclinations! Who can consider this a proof of religion, and not, rather, of lack of understanding?” (The Epistle to Diognetus) Christianity was seen as an insignificant cult for the ignorant and uneducated types and also viewed to be as treason to Rome. They are thought to be lustful (love one another), sinful, immoral and vile creatures of society who follow a cult that practices inhumane and cruel acts for their god. They were thought to have drunk human blood, beaten up dogs cruelly for sacrifice, held secret meetings and ate babies to be saved, etc. Christianity is often misunderstood and is not given the chance to explain their belief and their opinion to others. In those times, when you were a Christian you will be sentenced to die without a chance to defend yourself. “There is full liberty given to answer the charge and to cross-question, since it is unlawful for men to be condemned without defense or without a hearing. Christians alone are permitted to say nothing that would clear their name, vindicate the truth, and aid the judge to come to a fair decision.” (A Christian Defense by Tertullian) They are also seen as a threat to the Roman Empire for refusing taking the “oath” and to worship their pagan gods that is why being a Christian is equivalent to treason. “ A stone of course, submits; for it has no feeling. Therefore, you really disprove its sensibility, do you not?” (The Epistle to Diognetus) A lot of people question why people will sacrifice their lives to a man who was seen as a Jewish criminal crucified at a cross. No intelligent person will give up their lives because they believe in a god that cannot be seen and is said to be both man and god and has resurrected from the dead. But then why did they?
Junia is one good example of a martyr who still holds on to her faith even though she is aware of the several consequences and trials that she will have to face when she becomes a Christian. Born as a noble roman citizen with a highly positioned father, a rich household, given beauty, talent and wit, Junia was a popular and sought out woman in Rome. Christianity at her time was viewed as an insignificant cult that only uneducated and ignorant people will believe in, but little did she know she would become one of the people that she demeans and dismayed with. Before converted into a Christian, she heard unpleasant stories about Christianity and their misunderstood practices and rituals and believes that it would give shame, disgrace, humiliation and dishonor to her family and to her country if she becomes one. Even though she is blessed with many wonderful things and envious...

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