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The Lost Chronicles Of Earth : Brief Description Of Chapert 1 And 2

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the lost chronicles of earth
chapter I. the end.
first it rained crows.

one by one they were plucked from the sky, and dropped to create a massive black sea of feathers and talons that spasmed along the sidewalks, streets, buildings and parks. they pelted down and shattered the windows of shops and cars as they swerved and skidded along the street, screeching to a halt. the humans slowly, cautiously like a newborn deer made their way out, opening their doors and emptying into the streets to gaze into the heavens at the omen that was before them. they didn't understand, and so they ignored.

you have brought this on yourself.

they waged war against one another like so many times before, ...view middle of the document...

it was their fault. always their fault. i heard the wailing of the trees as they rotted and burned. the cry of the oceans as they were poisoned, and the agony of the animals as their lungs filled with soot. but the humans did not hear what i heard amongst their fighting, they refused to listen. until their own kind began to drop.

like the crows.

modern medication became obsolete, the viruses that they had created with their own hands had adapted to become immune to their antidotes and broke free of their control. scientists scurried to come up with a cure, but as quick as they worked, the virus worked quicker. infecting hundreds day by day, it soon became impossible to counteract, even with their technology. for the first time in their life, they had begun to feel the effects of the natural instincts they have tried for years to suppress, every man for himself.

adapt or die.

they say that in the last moments of life, your mind and spirit are fragile. you let go of all control and accept your fate, welcoming it. it's in our nature. when the time comes for you to return to the earth, and give back what you have borrowed, you will know. there are those, though who do not. those who avoid and run from their fate, fighting and sneaking and conniving until their very last breath. he was one of them, the old man. he was a snake. a man with no morals, no remorse. out of all the humans, he was quickest to adapt. after a lifetime of cheating and lying, a world of chaos was familiar to him.

there were several ships. an impressive show of craftsmanship, massive machines that were made of titanium. they had several engines and thousands of workers to keep them maintained. the old man had started it as a private classified project. he would leave his home planet and find another, another which could sustain his greed and his hate. it was the last hope for those on earth who wanted to survive, those who did not want to feel the repercussions of their own actions, and so mass panic erupted. in such dark days he managed to sell tickets, offering them only to those who were rich of gold and silver, only those whose reputation granted them their lives.

riots ensued.

legend says that once the earth begins to die, in a last attempt to conserve its wonders it will recreate itself into a being, and thus i was recreated into a physical form. after years of studying hidden scripture and lost tales spoken only from the lips of those who were thought to be crazy, the old man knew this. he knew he would need me if he wanted any chance of surviving, and he anticipated it.

when the stars fall to earth
and the seas roar,
stand by the pillars
and one from a place no one has been,
shall be reborn into flesh and blood,

and so on the day of my creation, they waited. and i was taken.

as the ships made their way out into the cosmos and away from their former home, the poor were left to their dying planet, at the mercy of their god. the war continued. the year was 2930...

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