"The Lost Fight", By William F. Buckley, Jr. And "Only The Force Of Law Can Deter Pornographers", By Jim Exon: Opinions Over The Controversy Of Pornography And Laws.

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Pornography is sexually explicit pictures, writing, videos, or other material whose main purpose is to cause sexual arousal. In the readings, "The Lost Fight", by William F. Buckley, Jr. and "Only the Force of Law Can Deter Pornographers", by Jim Exon, both discuss their opinion over the controversy of pornography and possible laws regarding pornographic sites on the internet. Buckley doesn't really have a stand point about the situation of whether or not pornography sites should be banned from children's computers or if too big of a deal is being made. Exon discusses more about laws or ways in which pornographic websites could be blocked if you are under the age of eighteen.According to William Buckley, his own judgment of the internet is that "it is the most exciting technological research information too of the century, but this has nothing at all to do with the challenge of ensuring that only adults would have access to its darker corners" (par. 2). In other words, there is more behind the internet than just a helping device for people; it also contains what society deems as inappropriate matter. There are many systems that try and block your screens from pornographic material, but in a way it's wrong for the fact that not only children go onto the internet. Those eighteen and older are allowed to go out and buy such material so why block there websites when they're able to watch it anyway? Much in the same manner, going to a search engine, such as google, and by typing in the word "toy", you would think toys as in toys for children, but more than just that may come about. So therefore, you may not be on the look out for pornography sites, but without even thinking about what you're typing into your search engine, you never know what could come up on your screen. We know it won't be possible to completely keep children off pornography websites, but we can at least limit the amount. Parents along with anti-pornography groups will help in any way they can if they care enough about what their children may be viewing when they're sitting at their computers everyday, but "in the back of their minds they will know that this fight, on this front, is lost" (par. 7).Jim Exon explains that there could be possible laws that can help protect children from illegal sexually activity on the internet. The First Amendment and the Communications Decency Act both serve as a means of helping to prevent online harassments and ensuring that the internet is a safe place for children to browse through. This applies to computers just as it does with the over the...

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