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The Lost Hero Essay

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In Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero, the protagonists Jason, Piper, and Leo embark on a challenging quest to rescue Hera from the clutches of the awakening Gaea. Their quest is filled with life-threatening obstacles that can be seen from different points in the novel such as in the beginning, at the climax, and at the end. Jason, son of Jupiter, waking up on a bus holding hands with Piper, daughter of Aphrodite, apparently his girlfriend and Leo, son of Hephaestus, while having no memory is part of Hera’s plan to unite the Roman and Greek demigods. As the prophecy states, the camps must unite and a team of seven of the most powerful demigods shall be tasked with a mission of defeating Gaea’s ...view middle of the document...

Without a doubt, the most important incident or event in The Lost Hero is the climax for many distinct reasons. It is evident when the three demigods finally defeat Gaea and her minions in battle and free Hera. The climax ends when “The stone and wood cage crumbled. The tendrils turned to dust. […] The goddess grew in size, glowing with power […] Hera turned into a supernova, exploding into a ring of force that vaporized every monster instantly” (Riordan 512). This scene indicates that after the release of Hera from her cage, the battle is over because Hera takes her full form to disintegrate the monsters and restore the Wolf House. Evidently, the release of Hera is the most important event in the novel marking the end not only to the end of Hera’s imprisonment, but the beginning of a much bigger quest, shifting the scene from the Wolf House to Camp Half-Blood.
In addition, the end of The Lost Hero is, in fact, extremely surprising and shocking at the same time. The end is evident when Jason, Piper, and Leo return to Camp Half-Blood...

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