The Lost Lady And The Feminism It Reflects

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The lost lady is not alone when looking around the world. English movie Bridget Jonas’s Dairy also focused on this special group and narrative the life of 32-years-old, unmarried woman Bridget, who kept diary to write down her one-year experience as a single woman. She stuck in her 30s in relationship, worried about her appearance and figure, felt insecure and lonely, which reflects the real living condition of women who still struggle for fighting with the fear of uncertainty. Uncertainty and unknown future of lonely old women that the society forced women to believe in make Bridget became terrific and in order to deal with this fear, she decided to make a reverse of her life. In her mind, ...view middle of the document...

That series pander to the mainstream media and the government as well as reflecting current situation in China. As early as in 2007, the “Shengnu”(leftover women) started to show up in State-run media when government report warned that china’s gender imbalance caused by selective abortion because of the one-child policy was a serious problem. According to National Bureau of Statistics data shows there are nearly 20 million more men under 30 than women of the same age nowadays. “Ever since 2007, the state media have aggressively disseminated this term in surveys, and news reports, and columns, and cartoons and pictures, basically stigmatizing educated women over the age of 27 or 30 who are still single,” says Leta Hong-Fincher, an American doing a sociology PhD at Tsinghua University in Beijing. On the one hand, traditional Chinese customs believe women should be responsible for procreation so that the heritage of the family could continue from generation to generation because in Chinese culture, folks are family-oriented. On the other hand, in order to face the competitive economic changes, Chinese government determine to upgrade the quality of the population and as a result, those educated, A-quality intelligence women are exactly the group that government want to procreate. So government takes advantage of the conventional values and social expectance to push pressure and stress on those women’s shoulder in order to force them to get married to relief the problem. What’s more, it seems fair and necessary as the parents and the society share the same aspiration. So single female are to blame for the circumstance. But when to marry, who to marry, whether to install next generation are all individual choices, no one has the right to push people to follow others’ thoughts except one’s own. Personally I am extremely against this promotion activity in China even the local governments arrange group blind dating. It is necessary and helpful to provide information for those who want to find spouse but lack resource but take advantage of public opinion to force women involuntarily to involve in marriage.
Although lost ladies are under numerous pressures, the most counterclaims come from them. More than half of the professional educated well-paid single women claim they are happy being single. According to Chengqing government’s reports, 83.56% of the leftover women own real estate, 29.16% have private cars and 75.46% are paid between 4000-7000 RMB per month, which is above the average. They dedicate to the careers they want to devote to for lifelong and fulfill their own life goal by working hard. They realize their own self-worth by functioning their duty in the society. For themselves, they keep long-term hobbies and spend a lot of leisure time on it. Whenever they want, gathering a group of friends who share the same interests to drink or have fun is easily to accomplish. Temporary loneliness and insecurity never defeats...

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