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The Lost MobileOnce upon a time there was a man called Jim. He worked for the secret agents. He was the best secret agent. He had many other agent friends. He had a black sports car. He was very clever. When he was walking he knew who was behind him. He had done many missions for the secret company and the missions were a piece a cake for him.He lived in an old rural city. He was coming from a wedding in Melbourne. He was driving on the highway and it was night time his car broke down. There was no city near by. He was in the middle of Melbourne and Wangaratta. His mobile was not ...view middle of the document...

He said "hello". The other man said "secret bad agent you have a mission to do and it is as following"."You have to take all the crowns from the queen of France and when you will reach the airport there would be a man waiting for you. He will give you the ticket to France and the license of the pilot and the mask. Be careful from the best secret agent. Now go on good luck and bye"!Jim said "wait" but it was too late. He went to the airport he met a man the man said "Here you go good luck, when you will be coming back the plane will be hijacked by our own people so don't worry". Jim went to Bangkok and then France. There he met a man. The man gave him a badge of FBI and a mask.He went to the Queen's palace and saw the jewels. In the meantime the bad agent was on another mission and had dropped his mobile in the gutter but he knew about the jewels. He tried to trick his boss and steal the jewels but then the best secret agent caught him at the palace.He told thee Queen about the jewels and asked the bad agent that what are his other plans and where his master is right know. He told about his plans and the secret gutter. Then Jim got 10,000 pounds from the queen for saving the jewels.Then he went back and stopped the hijacking of the plane. Then he enjoyed his holidays in Bangkok. After that he left the secret agency and got married. Then they all lived happily ever after.

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