The Lost Sheep, Lost Coin And Lost Son

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During Jesus’ life he was teaching in many different ways one of them was telling the parables. Parable is an earthly story with the heavenly meaning. That means that Jesus was making up a story in which there would be a real people, working of doing something that was common at that times. Sometimes he used the values whether material or spiritual, that were valuable in old times. So he was making everything to make the story look more realistic. But under the close of the poor man or woman and under the animal or a subject there was always something mach more complicated, something about his father, himself, and the people that were following the God or not.
Jesus was telling the parable pretty often, usually the audience was tax collectors and the “lost” people that were passing by and stopped to listen Jesus’ stories. He told so many of them, but I think that the most important parables are about The Lost Sheep, Lost Coin and Lost Son. Because, that are the parables where he shows that God Loves the Sinners. Those parables can be read only in Luke. The Lost Sheep and Lost Coin are almost certainly thematically related, along with the parable of The Lost Son, which follows them. Many people are thinking that The Lost Sheep and Lost Coin are actually a double parable. The Russian Bible proves it. In it those parables are written under the same heading.
Luke places these parables as an address to both tax collectors and sinners, and Pharisees and teachers of the law who were grumbling about Jesus’ association with those sinners. Thus, the parable becomes a response to the Pharisees’ charges as well as an announcement of the joy of finding the lost. “Joachim Jeremias includes the parable of the lost coin as an "apologetic parable," or a defense against the critics of Jesus.”1 So the parables of the lost sheep and lost coin are an apology, or defense, to Jesus’ critics, the Pharisees. At the same time, they are a proclamation of the good news to those who are lost.     
Reading of the parable is not as easy as it looks at first. Jesus spoke to the people in such a way that they would not understand. He explained what He was saying to only a few, who themselves had difficulty grasping it and sometimes denied it outright. There are a lot of ways to understand or, it is better to say interpret, the parables of Jesus one way and the right one is to listen and to understand what Jesus meant, when he was telling the parable taking in consideration the environment and occasion. And another is to understand a parable like an old story about the God helping the people mentally or something like that.
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