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The Lottery And Bullying Essay

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When the strong devours the weak, its nature in its purest form. Yet when one over-powers another repetitively to hurt them physically and mentally, that is bullying; human cruelty. The Lottery is a good story with a plot twist that has some major points that relate to bullying in schools. The lottery can be easily contrasted to bullying because they connect together with power imbalance, repetitive actions and human cruelty; Even if are the most intelligent creatures on Earth, we are the most brutal monsters since the start of time. The setting of The Lottery is at the past where humans had valued traditions, while bullying is in modern day time, no matter the past or present; we humans are cruel as deep the universe can be.

The first link between the lottery and bullying in school, is the power imbalance; The power in-equality between their power and strength have a signified gap. A huge distance that the victim has no chance to fight back, in the lottery, Ms. Hutchinson tried to shout, "Its not fair, it isn't right!". Yet no matter how loud she shouts or how hard she tries to fight back, she had no power and strength to even stand a chance. Tessie Hutchinson did try her best to fight back but she was defeated by sheer number. There was no escaping, they were superior and she was inferior. She alone couldn't fight back, they out-numbered her and gathered together, circling her just to stone her to death. Simultaneously in school, the bully has the higher-caliber of strength and destructive words to put fear and abuse their victim mentally and physically. No matter how hard you try to fight back, there is no chance because the bully picks on the weak that cant fight back. Not only they fight with remarkable strength, most of the time they find in numbers. The bully would gather with his other friends that are bullies to over power their victim even more; they would make you powerless that you cant fight back and have fear implanted into your heart and mind. Thus making you weak, oppressed, threatened and vulnerable. Power dominance is a key component in bullying and in lottery because one side is being dominated by the other side.

The following bond of the lotter and bullying is the continuous abuse, the bully abuse is never a one time thing. The bully would come back to their targets to abuse them multiple times; it may be the same act over and over, where the situation becomes consistent of tormenting. In school, the bully could demand the prey's homework or money, other times they may abuse them with words or through beating. Yet no matter what, they would do it repeatedly. The bully want to attack with fear so that they show their "push-over" that they will keep repeating it and they cant do anything, no matter what. In The Lottery, the repetitive action may not be on one person but on a different one each year. Even the oldest guy in the village, Old Man Warner said, "Seventy-seventh year I been in the lottery". This had been...

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