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The Love And Treachery Of Brutus

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Shakespeare's Julius Caesar recounts the murder of Rome’s idol, Julius Caesar, to the suicide of Brutus, Caesar’s closest friend. Members of the senate conspire to murder Caesar in attempt to avoid his reign while Brutus’ righteous cause is to protect Rome. After Caesar’s death, Brutus speaks among the Romans in attempt to appease their anger for the death of their beloved icon. He delivers a speech expressing his cause for Caesar’s murder and his love for Rome using emotion, reason, and credibility to convince the Romans that his cause intended to Rome.
In the first part of Brutus’s speech, he first states expressing his love for Caesar. He declares he loves Caesar in order to grab the the ...view middle of the document...

Through describing possible outcomes of Caesar’s reign, Brutus grasps the audience's attention even more. He depicts the negative and positive outcomes of Caesar’s death. He says this out of good character using rhetorical questions compelling the audience to judge the difference between wrong and right. .
Throughout his speech. Brutus uses strong diction in order to impact the audience more ultimately persuading them into believing his cause. Brutus constantly expresses his love for Caesar in order to prove that his intentions were not out of hatred. Through using “love” throughout his speech, Brutus persuades the audience that he too loves Caesar. Towards the middle of his speech, Brutus mentions that he honors Caesar. He says with intention to prove Caesar’s valor. With that said, Brutus convinces the audience that his intent was out of protecting Caesar from himself achieving this his murder ultimately evading the growth in Caesars ambitious character
Brutus organizes his speech in a manner of introducing his cause, using examples, and proving his purpose. Toward the end of his speech, Brutus repeats himself but rephrases what he says to impact the audience more. He begins with the positive aspects of Caesar and ends with an...

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