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The Love For One And The Love For All

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Brutus’ soliloquy in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar reveals Brutus’ inner turmoil before he decides on participating in the conspiracy. Brutus is torn between his love for Rome and his friendship with Caesar. However, Brutus fears that Caesar’s tyranny after enthroning will cause harm to Rome and return Rome to dictatorship. In the end, Brutus chooses his obligation to Rome over Caesar. Brutus' soliloquy reflects on his internal conflict between his love for Caesar and his fear of Caesar's power and ambition in which Brutus eventually resolves to kill Caesar.
Brutus’ affection towards Caesar makes him hesitate to kill Caesar. Brutus’ sorrow towards the idea of the conspiracy ...view middle of the document...

” (2.1.14-15) Brutus utilizes juxtaposition with the imagery of bright day in contrast to the snake. The bright day represents Caesar’s divine public image, while the snake represents Caesar’s impending darkness and evil. Brutus establishes the duality in Caesar’s character that he is venomous despite his harmless, superficial illusion. Brutus establishes Caesar’s ambition. He realizes that the people in Rome, including himself, are merely the stairway for Caesar to climb to his ultimate throne. “That the lowliness is young ambition’s ladder.” (2.1.22) The metaphor compares people under Caesar’s rule to be his ladder. Brutus degrades people to that of lowliness and an object to evoke Caesar’s apathy towards his fellow Romans, stating that Caesar’s reign will be ruthless. Brutus’ fear for Caesar’s change after being crowned overwhelms his affection, leading Brutus to reach the decision of murdering Caesar.
After evaluating the weight on both sides of his internal struggle, Brutus decides to kill Caesar for the future of Rome. Caesar’s rising power spurs Brutus into his critical point in his inner conflict. Caesar is constantly magnifying his power, like a growing serpent, “And therefore think him as a serpent’s egg/ (Which, hatch’d, would as his kind grow mischievous)”...

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