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The love in Ovid’s Metamorphoses exemplifies a physical representation, but love in regards to Dante’s Inferno directs readers to believe that love is a spiritual. Ovid’s mindset in writing creates a free and exciting aspect of love, demonstrating man’s will to do whatever feels good-- a view that caters to human desire. Rather, Dante’s work in the Inferno refers more to spirituality and seeks to expose some of the greatest dangers—Man’s depravity. Ovid’s Metamorphoses demonstrates a physical description of love and desire, and promotes this representation of lustful and passionate love to its readers, whereas Dante’s Inferno portrays desire, passion, and infatuation as immoral and debased, and points readers in the direction of a more spiritual and thoughtful form of love intended for God alone. In the divine comedies written by Ovid and Dante, they create worlds that revolve around love. While Ovid is more sporadic and changes scenes and stories quickly, he manages to show an environment that describes his view of love and his frame of mind in regards to a more liberal way of thinking. Dante’s conservative outlook promotes the spiritual and holy side of love to which humans still desire, but humans must be compelled to seek and be patient, because instant gratification does not normally occur in Dante’s philosophy. The worlds in which these authors create are both worlds in need of love, they attempt to guide readers to ask questions regarding the freedom and will in whom to love, and questions about the process of how to love. In the Metamorphoses love is that of physical want and lust, and in the Inferno it resembles that of a spiritual need and purity. Whether it is physical desire or spiritual desire, the most important aspect is that of comparison in both works, such as the understanding of love and how it is to be portrayed or characterized in society and that of human intentions towards loving God. Both Ovid and Dante seek to express their views on the definitions of love. They are able to form two different and unique views on the tremendous meaning of human love and God’s love. Ovid’s mentality and desire is to see the aspects of love in a free and expressive way, continuing that idea is Dante’s Inferno where the expression of love is free, but in his opinion should work to obtain a specific goal. His goal is to point any form of love towards God Himself instead of directing love towards oneself and his own desires. Ultimately, the authors express their zealous definitions of love and steer the readers into an understanding of...

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