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For The Love Of The Game

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For the Love of the Game

     This movie is based on a story of man who has a passion for baseball and love for a woman. It shows the struggle between the two, baseball and Jane. This movie takes place in the 20th century in New York. Most of the movie is a flash back of Billy Chapel, Detroit Tiger's Pitcher, the events of the past five years. It shows his the ups and downs of his life with Jane and Baseball. It shows the importance of love for a person and love for a career.
     The movie begins, and is not a flash back it is the actual present. It show Billy Chapel in a hotel waiting for Jane to call. Hours go by and she doesn't show, he finally gives up and drinks himself to sleep. The next morning he is awaken by Gus his good friend and the catcher for the Tigers. While Gus is hassling Chapel to get ready ?,the owner of the tigers, comes in to make aware Chapel of his plans to sell the team and the buyers plans to trade Chapel. He informs Chapel that he needs to make a decision either to be traded or retire. Soon after this terrible news Jane call Chapel from the lobby of the hotel and Chapel hastily runs to meet her. When he gets down there he is informed that she has walked to Central Park. Finally he catches up with her and she tells him that she has decided to take a job in London. He is speechless and shocked at this point, she says that she knew that he didn't need her, that him and the baseball and the diamond were beautiful together. Jane quickly hugs him and leaves. So up to this point Chapel has had bad news all day and will be expected to do well in the upcoming game that night. It picks up with him talking to Gus about his day and Gus plainly remarks that it isn't his day. Soon the game begins and it starts up well, he is pitching rockets. As the game progresses he begins to flash back to the day when he met Jane. He first met he on the side of the road with car trouble, he kindly pulls over and helps her out and befriending her he invites her to his baseball game. That is how they became involved. She goes to his game and then goes out to eat with him were they learn much about each other. So wrapped up in one another they go to his room where she end up staying until the next day. The next morning they awaken and he leave due to having another baseball game, but gives his number to Jane for a later rhondevoo. Chapel continues the flash back with their second meeting and she didn't show up but did end up catching him outside of the bar. They stand outside talking about their relationship and how it is supposed to work. Jane decides at the end of their walk that night that when Chapel was gone he would do what he does and she would do what she does, no why didn't you call me, and no possessive stuff either, and they both agreed. Mean while in the present, he was pitching a great game. Then in his next flash back it shows him talking to Jane and inviting her to go...

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