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The Love Relations Essay

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The Love Relations: The Journey of Love

Where does love lead? The answer is it leads nowhere. Love is not in the destination for the destination can only lead to two things death or the love between two people dispersing leading to a break up. The undeniable truth that love is in the journey of a relationship between two people. This is why I believe the movie (500) Days of Summer (A non-chronically order romance film) is clear illustration of love and its journey. The reason is that the movie duly notes that it is NOT a love story, but a story about love, more or less telling us the love affair is not going to endure. (500) Days of Summer is the perfect movie to show and explain the ...view middle of the document...

An opportunity appears when Tom finds out the entire office is going to a karaoke bar the next evening.

Tom arrives at the bar where he sees Summer; she seems glad to see him. Tom, Summer, and Tom’s best friend sit and talk about relationships and love. Tom and Summer engage in an argument debating whether or not love is real, with Summer saying it’s not and Tom saying, “It’s love; it’s not Santa Claus.” You can pretty much infer Summer would agree with our quote from class, which said, It is with true love as it is with ghosts; everyone talks of it, but few have seen it. Nonetheless, the two agree to disagree. Later that night, Summer discovers out that Tom likes her due to Tom’s best friend. The next day, Summer makes out with Tom in the copy room and walks away like nothing happened, leaving Tom befuddled.

Over time Tom and Summer end up spending more time together and becomes closer to each other. Summer shares her most intimate thoughts and stories with Tom and Tom shares his passions and failures with Summer. Tom and Summer share occasional kisses with one another. Summer makes it clear that she is not looking for anything serious. Tom later brings Summer to his apartment where they make-out. Tom has to excuse his self to go to the bathroom to calm his self-down reminding his self that it’s casual fun. To Tom’s surprise he finds Summer naked laying on his bed and the two have sex. The next morning like most men who have sexual relations with their crush he feels on top of the world and unstoppable. Tom notices that he is fully in love with Summer. Things go great for a few weeks.

Weeks more pass, involving a series of great dates and memorial experiences. But everything changes for the worse for Tom when he takes Summer to the movies and the two see the movie the Graduate, as Dustin Hoffman and Katherine Ross escape a wedding and their smiles and laughs turn into frowns and silence as their exhilaration and ecstasy dissipate. This causes Summer to overwhelm in emotions to the point of crying. Tom takes her to get some pancakes to cheer her up, then abruptly Summer announces that she thinks they should stop seeing each other. Tom is puzzled and asks why if they were so happy; Summer reveals that she is not happy, and Tom gets up and leaves without another word. Tom’s work performance declines as he goes into a state of depression.

Months pass. Tom attends a coworker of his wedding. On the way he runs into Summer on the train and the two start to talk Tom; feels a connection between them. They end up spending the entire weekend together in a...

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