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Katrina, an innocent, sweet girl who lives in a dreamy world, is in love with romantic movies and love stories. She is a bubbly girl whose favorite color is pink; she loves flowers and teddy bears (all signs of romance). She loves her job as an art director for a famous director Sam,who makes the best love stories. Katrina has the perfect life; the only child to her parents, her dream job, and the perfect fiancé Nick whom she says is “Mr. Perfect”. Nick was chosen by Kat’s mom, but he and Kat are childhood friends which turned into love. Nick and her wear the same color outfit every day, because it is romantic and filmy, and every day when they meet Nick brings her a white flower. Her life ...view middle of the document...

When Ron sees her, he kept staring at her as if she is the only thing in the room and soft music was playing in his mind as it does in movies. Ron goes next to the girl and sits down. He then introduces himself to her, “Hi I am Ron, what is your name?” She doesn’t reply anything at first then Ron says, “Don’t you have a name?” She then says “Katrina is my name” (in Ron’s mind he talks to himself saying wow how can someone be so beautiful). As a conversation starter Ron tells Kat how much he hates love stories and he hates being here at the moment watching this stupid love story his boss made him come to. He makes fun if his boss saying Sam is crazy and all he does is makes love stories that make no sense. Kat just gives him look that is when Ron says, “Oh no! Don’t tell me you like love stories and you have the perfect love life and blah blah blah”! Already annoyed by Ron because all he is doing is talking nonsense as she is here to actually enjoy the movie, she says “Listen, yes I have the perfect love story with my perfect fiancé, I love love stories and I believe Sam makes the best movies and he is my favorite director, and right now you are spoiling my movie so please leave if you can be quite”! but of course Ron being Ron he just cannot shut up so Kat extremely annoyed just gets up and leaves the theater. And Ron was there all alone, bored at the movies – the type of movies he hates the most.
The next day at the office, Sam explains his upcoming, once again it’s a love story and Ron is just fed up but what can he do, that is his income. Sam, knowing Ron hates romantic movies asks Ron how he thinks the idea of the movie is. Ron to save his job says the idea is fantastic, everyone is going to love it (in his mind he says the idea is rubbish, no one is going to watch it except for crazy people like Sam). Sam says, “Ron I know you are lying, you hate my films and you think I am crazy, I know! You don’t understand my ideas right, so from today on you will be working as the art director’s assistant, there is a new art director joining today and you will assist her”. Right then Katrina walks in and Sam tries to introduce them just then Kat says she knows Ron as he was at the movies yesterday and seemed like he enjoyed it a lot. Katrina starts working and Ron follows her because he is the assistant of her now. Just was Ron was about to say something, Kat says, “ Ron yesterday you talked a lot and I didn’t say anything, but here I am the senior and you do what I say, you only listen to me and no rubbish talk only work related talk”! The next Nick comes to drop of Kat to work and Ron sees him giving her the white flower he gives her every day. Nick leaves and Ron goes to her and says he knows he gave a bad impression but he’s sorry and that they should be friends. Kat gives him another chance, but Ron being...

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