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Love is just a word, until someone comes along and gives it a meaning. But what meaning they give the word is up to them .there are many different types of love in this world. Love comes in many different ways and they are not always pleasant. Love can make you happy or sad it depends on the way it comes to you. Love is tricky and can be confused with all of the different types of love. Love isn’t just one thing there is many different ways to show in and have it. In this play by Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet the word love is shown in many different ways. There is the love that Romeo and Juliet fell in which you can actually put into many different types of love. Then the way Romeo loved ...view middle of the document...

(Eckhoff 471). To them this is more than just love. They think this is what is just right; basically it is what is supposed to happen. It is more than they can handle, it is not in their hands they are just perfectly right for each other and no one can change it.

Unrequited love is when you dearly love someone, but sadly they do not have any affection back for you. Unrequited love is a sad because the person you love does not have the feelings for you. The biggest display of this type of love in this play is between Romeo and Rosaline. “O, bid me leap, rather that marry Paris, or from off the battlements of yonder tower. (4.1. 77-78). This quote shows how Juliet does not love Paris back. This is a strong showing of unrequited love and how no matter how much love Paris has for Juliet she does not love him back. She has no loving feelings towards Paris. She would rather kill herself than be in a relationship with Paris. “Well, in that hit you miss, she’ll mot be her with cupid’s arrow, she hath unharmed (1.1. 201- 202). In this wonderful informational quote I think that it means that she was not hit by cupid and does not have love him and never will. She said if it did hit she has armor that would leave her untouched. She will not be affected by the arrow. She won’t love him no matter what happens. She is firm that she does not love Paris and as I seems she is not going back on her word that she has no passionate feelings for him. “Paris’ love for Juliet, even more so Romeo’s love for Rosaline (Shakespeare Act 2, 220). This quote shows that Paris had an extraordinarily strong love for Juliet. We know that Romeo dearly loved rosland. To find that Paris loves Juliet more meant that it has to be very strong. Paris loves him and juliets parents also want Paris to marry him. All through all of that that he loves her dearly and her own parents want her to marry hi she still has no affection towards him. There is no hope for a relationship like this.

Parental love is shown in two great ways in this play; one is through the nurse’s love for

Juliet, Friar Lawrence and Romeo, and through...

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