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The Loving And Caring Manager: A Neoclassical Approach To Management

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Two opposing armies are geared up and ready to battle each other. The northern army is led by a bureaucratic managing officer. The northern officer leads his army from the front and demands greatness or the team will pay the price of failure. The southern army officer, contrasted from the authoritarian officer of the north, motivated his army, developed their skills and praised the habits achieved by their collaborative work. The southern officer led the attack from behind as a servant leader and rode close to his team to ensure they were motivated, driven and praised throughout the battle. Unfortunately, the northern officer rode into battle alone from the front of the line because his ...view middle of the document...

Neoclassical Theory became the movement of human relations that stemmed from an aggressive “carrot and stick” principle or classical management theory. Humans react better when Maslow’s basic human needs are massaged into management (Regina, 2012). The neoclassical theory creates an environment where employee’s intrinsic motivation is based on organizations willingness to center values based around people. Neoclassical management values a culture based business where employees are empowered through autonomy and supported by praise to maximize performance. Dr. Bolton, in an interview with Jones and Mujtaba, define management as an ability to improve operations, but through the combined leadership of motivating and treating people with dignity and respect (Jones & Mujtaba, 2008). The Hawthorne Studies of 1924-1932, determined that performance is improved through informal relationships among workers, employees are allowed to be a part of the decision-making process, management is interested in their general welfare, respect and dignity are observed, communication is improved, and opinions are valued (Akrani, 2011).
Managers have the freedom to choose how they respond to pressures within an organization. These pressures can affect a manager’s style of management and overall team performance. Managers that choose to influence team behaviors through motivation, communication, building trust, empowering people to be great at what they do, and leveraging recognition will receive better intrinsic results from employees. Neoclassical Theory shifts the overall thinking of “bottom line”...

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