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The Loyal subject novel, published originally in 1988 under the title “Man of Straw” gives Heinrich Mann’s satirical connection of the nineteenth century European literal works. The writer of this novel derives the word subject from the word “Der Untertan” in German language. The novel highlights the difficulties encountered during nineteenth century Europe. As early as the 1950, Heinrich Mann’s novel plays a major role in the European’s history. The novel goes beyond the art bounds in its polemics and its structure fits into neither its modern challenge nor its realist tradition. Otherwise, the loyal subject follows Diederich Hessling’s life. This paper discusses what the loyal subject reveals about the nineteenth century Europe. Otherwise, the novel is an indictment of the Wilhelmine regime.1
Diederich Hessling was an ordinary but otherwise a hapless German that mimicked aristocratic actions, revered authority blindly and knowingly employed his self-pro-monarchial and patriotism sentiments in order to make progress in his career. Heinrich’s account of Diedrich’s encounter with the spectacle of fin-de-siècle Berlin involves characters drawn from different social classes. The characters of this novel range from the unemployed, miserable, and object of the Hesling’s uncritical loyalty just like Kaiser himself. The loyal subject reflects on how the civil war complicated the cultural emotional value, particularly the ideal of sympathy. In this novel Heinrich attacks on nationalism, militarism and the authoritarian structure of the German society, which resulted to his exile in 1933.Heinrich Mann wrote the novel during the nineteenth century however; the Germans blocked its re-publication due to its critical view of the German ultra-nationalism and militarism. As much as Heinrich was an influential writer during the nineteenth century, he drew an international interest to the German prose with his works and people considered him more of Leftist social critic.2
Heinrich Mann expands the complicated web of relationships between the governmental activities, big business, political parties, and ordinary people during the Wilhelmine period in order to show why the debacle of the 1914 was certain. In his novel, Heinrich follows the rise of Diederich Hesling who was an opportunist that had a father who ran a small paper factory. Diedrich felt stronger when he bullied the only Jew in his class. At that time, Diederich had acted on behalf of his community. The loyal Subject reveals the bizarre characters through a more or less moral ruin of the bourgeoisie as well as the weaknesses of the German society during the reign of Wilhelm II. In the novel Wilhem II, Diederich opposes any social change and admires militaristic culture instead. In broader terms, Diederich was a small-town bourgeoisie that rated society on its gains to his own comfort while his other part worshipped order, ceremony, and repression. As Diedrich shipped off...

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