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The Lra Essay

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The lord's Resistance Army, led by Joseph Kony, is described as a new religious movement or cult with militant capabilities. The LRA operates out of Northern Uganda and South Sudan, as well as the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic. The LRA has been accused of widespread human rights violations which include but are not limited to; murder, abduction, mutilation, child-sex slavery, and forcing children to participate in hostilities.
There are many myth's and many facts about the LRA that are very popular around the internet, thanks to Jason Russell who was the film director who created the film Kony 2012. This film went viral in March of 2012 and in the first 2 weeks gained over 83 million views. This caused mass media scrutiny and criticism, and a movement to bring the LRA's leader Joseph Kony to justice, in the International Criminal Court.
This paper will try to address many of these myths and explain the truth behind the LRA and its followers. It is true that the group which had been operating for 26 years, and is also extremely well known for its abductions, amputations, rape, and murders, but many things such as the group's presence in Uganda has been greatly exaggerated. While the reputation of the rebel group has been shrouded in myths and rumors, the truth is that the LRA has not been active, and their leader Joseph Kony has been missing and in many cases even reported dead for over 10 years.
This paper will cover the extensive history of the Lord Resistance Army, as well as the history of Joseph Kony and how he created such a savage following in Africa, as well as the groups rise and fall. It will also cover some brief information on the Invisible Children organization and attempt to debunk a couple of myths that they have created, as well as explain the current state of the LRA and its followers.
Joseph Kony is the founder and the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army. His top commanders, all of which are wanted alongside him for war crimes, are Okot Odhiambo, Dominic Ongwen, and Raska Lukwiya. Kony had ordered the execution of his deputy Vincent Otti, for his role in peace talks with the Ugandan government in 2007. Another high ranking officer Bok Abudema, was killed in a battle in 2010.
The story of the elusive Joseph Kony and his supposed religious group known as the Lord's Resistance Army, begins with a woman who was thought to be an oracle from the village of Opit in the Acholi region of northern Uganda. This woman, Alice Auma had gone missing in a nature reserve for several weeks, and when she emerged told everyone that she had been possessed by an Italian army officer whom she called "Lakwena," which means "word of God."
Alice Lakwena, as she was now more formally known, worked for a year as a healer and an oracle, until she announced that Lakwena now changed his plan for her, and she is to purify the lands of Northern Uganda through combat. Alice began her career as an insurgent...

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