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The Lsat, Three Times Essay

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I would like to explain why I took the LSAT three times. To explain my low LSAT scores, I would first have to explain why and how I was diagnosed with a learning disability at Florida State University. In 2001, my academic advisor advised and referred to Florida State’s Adult and Learning Evaluation Center, because I was failing most of the college level mathematic courses. I completed a psycho-education evaluation and assessment test and was diagnosed with a learning disability that contributed from academic problems, associated with college level mathematics. After my assessment, I received extended test time and alternative testing accommodation for all my mathematic courses. Because I did not have the proper the resources available to me, all my college level mathematics “F” grades on my transcripts were removed and replaced with “WDs”. After receiving test accommodations at FSU, my mathematics grades improved significantly and I over came my learning disability block with the help of Florida State’s resource center.
In explaining my learning disability background, I can now explain why I took the LSAT three times. The first time I took the LSAT, I was not fully prepared psychologically and emotionally to take it. I was still dealing with the affects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder form being stalked my senior year at FSU. I took the LSAT prep course, knowing it would be a helpful distraction that prevented me from thinking about my horrific experience all the time. Taking the LSAT for the first time was a great mental escape that resulted in a tragic LSAT score.
The second and third time I took the LSAT, I experienced a difficult time comprehending the logic games...

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