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I chose to read The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks as my contemporary novel. I have read it before and I have seen the movie and i loved them both. I was really glad to finally read something i enjoyed and have to write a paper on it. In the following paragraphs i summarize both the book and the movie, talk about differences and similarities between the book and the movie, and finally i discuss how i felt about the book and the movie and which i prefer.
The following is a summary of the book. It is about a man named Logan, a Marine serving in Iraq, who comes across a photograph in the desert. The photograph is of a woman at a fair with a huge ferris wheel and three trees in the background and ...view middle of the document...

Logan finally arrives in town and asks around about the girl in the photograph. He finally learns that she works at a family dog kennel and that her name is Beth. He goes the the kennel and finally meets Beth, or Elizabeth, the girl from the photo. Logan decides to apply for a job at the kennel and while Beth thinks it is strange for him to travel so far to start over, Nana, Beth’s grandma, decides to give him the job. As time goes on, Beth warms up to Logan, especially knowing that he’s someone to watch after Nana, she had suffered a stroke the year before, and seeing how much Ben, Beth’s son with Keith, likes playing with Logan and Zeus. She loves to see Ben happy, especially because he is always so unhappy to go to his father’s house. Soon Logan and Beth are in a relationship of sorts and word spreads through the town. Keith soon finds out and is extremely against the whole idea of it. After some time, Keith eventually finds out that Logan had a photo of Beth and tells her about it. Beth freaks out and tells Logan to stay out of her life. Keith tries to move in and have another relationship with Beth but she says no and Keith threatens to get full custody of Ben if she don’t. This doesn’t last long as Ben has went missing during a storm in the last chapter. Ben is in his tree house, which was built a long time ago and is dangerous. Keith and Beth take off to rescue Ben, and Logan happens to show up. Nana tells Logan to go help and so Logan takes off after them to help find Ben too. Both Keith and Ben end up in the overflowing creek after the bridge to the treehouse breaks. Logan goes in to help and Keith gets stuck as he hands Ben off to Logan. Logan takes Ben to Beth and goes back to help Keith. However the treehouse falls and you are left to wonder what happens. We end up finding out that Keith died when the treehouse fell but Logan survived. Logan and Beth make up and along with Ben, Zeus, and Nana, they live happily ever after.
The following is the summary of the movie. It is also about a man named Logan, a Marine serving in Iraq, who comes across a photograph in the desert. The photograph is of a woman at the shore and has a lighthouse in the background and on the back it says, “Keep safe! -E”. Logan’s best friend, Victor, a fellow Marine, says that he was meant to find that photograph and that it brings him good luck, after Logan tries to find out who is belongs to with no luck and after Logan survives many explosions while having the photo with him. So when Logan returns home, he sets out to find the woman, at Victor’s suggestion. All he has is a letter of her name and the background of the photo to go off of. After doing some research he finally narrows it down to a town in North Carolina. He heads out with his dog, a german shepard named Zeus, on foot across the country, traveling from Colorado to North Carolina. Logan finally arrives in town and asks around about the girl in the photograph. He finally learns that she works at a...

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