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The Lust For Murder: The Milwake Canibal

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Samantha Viner
English 10 Honors Period 4
May 14, 2014

The Lust for Murder
Emotions get the best of everyone in stressful situations, but what about those without any emotions to spare? The media glamorizes murders and serial killers by making them the spotlight of movies, shows and novels. What readers and viewers often forget is that these people are real and have resided on the same street that their kids ride bikes on. The people that commit these horrendous crimes are often known as sociopaths. Not all sociopaths become serial killers, but the combination of abusive childhood, environment and genetic influences pushes them to repeatedly kill and take innocent lives.
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Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 21, 1960. He grew up as a normal child playing with toys, mud, and friends just like a normal young boy would do. This all changed around the age of six when Dahmer underwent hernia surgery. His childish smile transformed into a blank stare and his playful personality dissipated into loner activities along with uncommunicative and withdrawn personality traits. As Dahmer grew older his behaviors became more disturbing. As a teenage boy he began to abduct road kill and save the bones for his own personal use. Dahmer continued with his conduct until college. Dahmer’s college years were a blur considering he became an alcoholic and could not remember it all. His father gave him an ultimatum to either join the army or get a job. He joined the army and then was discharged for drunk behavior.
Dahmer then began to go on his kill spree in which he would rape, murder, dismember and eat the men of his liking. Dahmer ended up in jail where he would eventually meet his demise being bludgeoned to death. Along with his childhood factors that contributed to this disturbing behavior his family played a large role. His parents were Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. Joyce’s father was extremely abusive and an alcoholic which contributed to psychological problems as well as problems during her pregnancy. This resulted in her taking drugs and her unstable behavior led to the consumption of antipsychotic and psychotropic drugs. The couple moved six times in their first year of marriage and this continued when Dahmer was born. According to psychodynamic terms Dahmer grew up associating death with pleasure, he associated sexual arousal with internal bodies of animals unlike the normal child who associates sexual arousal with the...

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