The Mac Arthur Competence Assessment Tool Criminal Adjudication

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Research and Evaluation
Forensic Evaluation
Competence to stand trial. The MacArthur Competence Assessment Tool- Criminal Adjudication is used to assess for competency to stand trial. The tool shows understanding, appreciation, and ability to reason (Acklin, 2012). Bobby showed ability to reason when he explained his life history; and gave example of how parents are to protect you not, hurt you. He understood that the abuse and neglect were not signs of protection from a parent. He realized his parents showed no sign of concern for him or his siblings well being.
Risk of Dangerousness. MMPI-2 and PAI show signs of dangerousness in an individual; if violence is accompanied by mental disorder, examples: schizophrenia and antisocial personality disorder (Sinclair, Antonius, Shiva, Siefert, & Kehl-fie, 2010). Bobby only showed signs of violence when he was in ninth grade; and a few times he considered suicide. He was going through puberty when the volatile behavior was active; and suicide was only a passing thought, but never found worth doing. Bobby is not considered a danger to himself or others in a natural state. When the PTSD is under control and Bobby is no longer abusing drugs and alcohol, he should be able to start a new life a part of society, not just in society.
Insanity. Criminal responsibility or not guilty by reason of insanity can be evaluated through the MMPI-2. The validity scales that show if an individual is responsible by responding; knows the difference between right and wrong; or determines if the individual cannot respond to an incident the individual is accused (Walters, 2011). Bobby was aware of what he was doing, knows right and wrong; but Bobby still suffered from a mental illness. The reason for this statement is because Bobby did not steal for financial gain. He took risks climbing in and out of multiple story complexes, not for financial gain. This behavior shows not a sign of sanity.
Treatment Recommendations and Empirical Support
Bobby has been four weeks sober, and appears to be logical. The only issue is Bobby does not see what is wrong with the taking drugs and using alcohol. Growing up he was encouraged by his parents to take drugs to deal with his emotions. As a 20 year old man, this is the only life he has known since he was ten. He was sober for two weeks as a teen, and in past four weeks. His treatment for the drug and alcohol abuse should include therapy for the PTSD and monitored treatment to insure his sobriety.
Substance abuse. Maltreatment is noted as source of substance abuse: for Bobby the physical and emotional abuse, followed by neglect from parents. Environmental enhanced substance abuse encouraged by Bobby’s mother. Bobby desired his mother’s attention and approval. Generally with maltreatment clients have an understanding of the substance abuse. Bobby does not see an issue with his substance use. Substance use was common in his family and encouraged. Part of the...

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